Signs of a Good Wedding Planner

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19You are about to walk down the aisle soon and are stressed a bit regarding whether everything would be alright. In that case, a wedding planner is your big support who is there to ensure that all runs smoothly. But still, at the back of your mind, you are worried and unsure whether your choice of the wedding planner is right. Here are some tips to know that.

Previous Work

While appointing the wedding planner, you obviously check her/his profile and previous work. You can check the photos thoroughly and confirm that their work is really good. This will make you stress-free to a large extent. In this regard, I would like to suggest you to have a look at the photos of the excellent work of, just looking at which you can realize what perfection is. They arrange everything for the couple and their events speak for themselves.



Another thing you will obviously want to check is the planner’s reputation in the industry. A reputed planner has many acquaintances and can introduce you to several good wedding vendors. S/He is familiar with all the processes and is easy to work with. A smooth wedding is like a well-conducted orchestra and a planner acts like an excellent conductor. But still there are some things through which you can get more satisfied.


A Good Listener

A good wedding planner is a good listener. S/He is attentive to verbal as well as non-verbal communication. S/He listens to all your dreams and desires, so as to make a plan to bring them to reality, and before letting you know about the reality. Ensure that your planner reiterates your ideas back to you so as to know that they are well fit in her/his mind.


Being Creative

Creativity is an essential part of the job of planning a wedding and a good planner is creative. You might share your ideas to her/him, but if s/he is creative enough, that will be seen from her/his suggestions made from time to time. Understand that s/he is more experienced with weddings than you and has a lot of ideas. Besides, no matter you and s/he plans the wedding extremely perfectly, something may go wrong and at such an emergency, it is the creativity of the planner that works. If something you dream of is unavailable, the planner can arrange for something equally great in its place, to avoid your disappointment. Here again you can take the example of who specialize in doing very unique weddings which tell the story of the couple, something which shows real creativity.


Calm and Composed

This is also a sign of a good planner. In any emergency or unwanted situation, s/he will remain calm and composed and try to find out a solution. Of course, you want the wedding without a problem, but problems don’t come with intimation and in that case, your planner should remain cool and overcome them, rather than flinching.



You can realize if a person is genuine, right? And a wedding planner is a job of genuineness and kindness. Really, it cannot be performed by just anybody. The person should have an inborn helping nature and it shows when you meet your planner.

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