Start Looking For Wedding Cars and With Care

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wedding carsWhile your big day is around the corner and you are busy with its preparations, meeting vendors, deciding menu and entertainment and choosing your and your bridesmaids’ dresses, you may forget a very important element of your wedding – the wedding car. A wedding car is not only a style statement of your wedding, but it is also useful for reaching the venue in time. Think, what if you reach late at the church! Your entire schedule will be late creating a big mess. So, hiring a wedding car is essential. But there are some points to consider before doing that, whereby you will not end up in getting into any problem.

Find a Reputable and Dedicated Car Hire Company

Find a company which is dedicated to rent cars or limos for weddings. Moreover, it should be reliable and reputable. This is because most of limo hire companies rent their cars for airport transfers or lunches and meetings of business organizations. If you make a deal with them, there are high chances that they may cancel your order for a bigger client. In such a case, you should carefully look at the working and reputation of the wedding car hire company, before signing a deal with them.

Find Satisfied Just-married Clients

While finding a car hire company, enquire with the just-married members among your friends and family which car hire company they hired for their wedding and if they are satisfied. If they have a good service from that company, you can think about hiring it.

Hire Well in Advance

Remember to hire your wedding car well in advance before your big day, i.e. at least 4 to 8 months before. Also secure them by paying a deposit.

Check the Car Well

Before choosing the car, examine it well. Sit inside, check the paintwork and other decoration and look if there are any foul smells. Of course, you should do this before you sign a contract with them.

Cars for Your Attendants

You may get a heart attack after hearing the price of 3-4 high-class limos for yourself and your bridesmaids (or groomsmen if you are the groom). So, nowadays a more convenient practice is to hire a top-class car for the wedding couple and simpler cars for their attendants.

Be Distinguished

A white car looks good. But just think, with you clad in white and your significant one clad in black, will you be distinguished in a white car? Not really! So, better you choose a color which will match your color scheme and you can hire even a tow-toned car.

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