Steps Towards Getting A Perfect Wedding Catering

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choosing wedding catererFood is one of the most interesting parts of any party, whether it is a wedding or something else. Therefore, choosing a professional service offering excellent wedding catering is an important chore to do for the wedding couple amongst other preparations for their big day. You want a caterer who will serve food of your choice that too within your budget. How to find the most perfect wedding caterer who will fulfill most of your requirements?

Decide What You Want

For the big feast of your wedding, you should have an exact idea of the menu. For this, you can consider your choice, your guests’ choice and some currently popular dishes. Consider all your guests; you need not know the food choices of each of them, but you can roughly get an idea about what is particularly liked and what is rejected altogether by many of them. From this, you can get some selected dishes of the guests’ choice. Think about what you will love the most to have on your special day; you should include that too, because after all it’s your day. You can also include some dishes popularly served during the season in weddings. Thus thinking over all this, you can first fix the menu and then contact caterers you have chosen to enquire whether they can serve those dishes.

Regarding your dream party, you can also consider the food whether it should be traditional or international. You can have Italian, Mexican or Indian food or authentically vintage dishes or a mix of both. Whatever you want, decide on that.

Another aspect to consider is to decide the setting. Do you want the party to be inside the hall or in an open garden setting? The caterer should be able to cater your need whatever it is and you should tell them about that.

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Finding the Caterer

For this, the best way is to remember which recent wedding food you had enjoyed the most. If you liked that caterer’s food, you can get their contact details from that newlywed couple. You can also find out contacts of good wedding catering vendors from other vendors because they are often interrelated. Make a list of all of these names and enquire about them one by one. Find out more about them on the web or through your friends and family. Narrow down the list to 3 or 4 depending upon the best feedback you get.

Check the Caterers

After you come down to 3 to 4 caterers check some details of the caterers, like their experience, for how long they are in the wedding catering business, their food variety, their promptness and sincerity, their staff, etc. Visit their facility and check about the hygiene they observe. Meet their staff and make clear to the caterer that the serving staff should be polite and prompt while dealing with your guests.

Flavor is the Most Important

The caterer may have all the other qualities you want but what is most important is the flavor of their food. The caterer should invite you on a tasting session, when you should be totally satisfied by the flavor of the food. In this you need not adjust on any point. The food should taste the best and should be prepared with due care and hygiene. If it is not the case, you can straightaway move on to the next caterer.

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