Tips for the Perfect Wedding Album

Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Managing Wedding |

Your wedding day is getting closer? We are sure you are completely into organizing the best event ever and it means you have looked for the best venue, flowers, favors etc. Do not overlook the preservation of your wedding photos, even if you find the best wedding photographer NYC. has to offer, you have to organize your photos in order to tell the story of your wedding day. Do not worry, with our simple tips, you will do it properly!

First, choose the album style! These album styles are numerous and couples commonly choose a bound book. However, the inside displays are quite different: whether they choose photographs mounted on a page, physically printed images like in a real book or magazine or just printed photographs in transparent protecting slips. Talk to your wedding photographer and give him/her ideas of what you would like the final version to look like, so he/she will help you choose and at the same time he/she will get the idea about shooting decisions.

Many couples nowadays turn to a photo-journalistic approach and they tend to forget formal wedding shots. Don’t do this! Yes, it might seem less interesting and fun to you, but years from now you will appreciate the value of those classic shots with your wedding guests. So, enjoy in candid photos, but do not forget these formal must have photos:

  • you and your love alone, pick some romantic and unique place
  • couple and attendants
  • couple with bride’s and groom’s parents
  • couple with bride’s and groom’s family

Get the right balance of color and b&w photos. Some detail shots might be really well in b&w, but you surely do not want your wedding decorations, cake and flowers to be b&w. So, before the wedding day, discuss with your photographer what you want to be in full color and what will be more beautiful in b&w. Once your wedding photographer understands what you want your wedding album to look like, you will have more chances to make it look perfect.