Tips on Attending Bridal Show

Posted by on Oct 22, 2013 in Managing Wedding |

bridal showShould you attend the bridal show when managing the wedding? Absolutely, yes! They are the great resource and when preparing your big day because they present plenty vendors and ideas in one place. On the other hand, you have to handle the noisy crowd and so much information. So, be armed with a good plan and supplies and step into the most comfortable shoes. With our simple tips, you will conquer the bridal show and get the best out of it! Good luck!

Before attending the event, you should decide on your aims and goals. Once you know why you are attending the show, you will be able to accomplish it. If you are only gathering information, bring pen and paper (or your favorite gadget). However, if you feel ready to book vendors, you should bring the checkbook, too. Every bridal show nowadays has its own website where all the vendors are represented. Take a look at their portfolios and services, narrow down your choice and watch only those that fit your budget, style and preferences. We are sure you already know it, but a priority list is a must. Make it and stick to it! If your main goal is to find a wedding photographer, you shouldn’t be sidetracked by floral arrangements. Take your wedding organizer and day planner with you. Don’t take anything too bulky, since you’ll have to carry it around for couple of hours. Bring a camera (or a gadget containing it). Snap shot everything that seems interesting to you, each wedding idea that looks inspiring.

Should you go with your partner? Yes! It’s important to plan the whole thing together, otherwise it would seem to you that you are the only one getting married. If you are attending bridal show together, you will make decisions and meet vendors together and he wouldn’t be just the most important guest at your wedding, but an organizer. Well, even though men hate these events, if you present it this way, there is a great chance he’ll bite the bait! If, however, he is not willing to participate, think about bringing your best friend or a bridesmaid, especially those already married (with wedding planning experience). Your mother is an appropriate partner, too.

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