Tips on Wed-Sites

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015 in Managing Wedding |

twowedWed-sites or wedding websites have become a popular way for couples to communicate with their wedding guests. They usually include information on lodging and travel, e-RSVP options, gift registries, wedding plan news, photos etc. Should you have one? If you’re throwing a small and intimate wedding party, creating a site can be a fun, but certainly unnecessary option. On the other hand, for couples who organize a big wedding with many out-of-town guests, having a wed-site is highly recommended.

First of all, your wed-site has to represent you as a couple, so steer clear of so-many-times-seen designs. Also, you should take the time to create a content and design that both of you really like, so make sure it reflects your aesthetic preferences and style. Try not to have too many pages, because they could only confuse your guests. Instead, create several well-designed pages and your wed-site will be a hit! Couples like to include a brief description of how they met, got engaged and decided to tie the knot. Nevertheless, it’s good to keep your (too) personal information private.

We live in the online era and (almost) everyone is more comfortable with typing a few words or reply then sending an old-fashioned mails and reply cards. Therefore, you should let people RSVP on your wed-site. How to do this? At the bottom of your reply card, add a sentence which will redirect your guests to RSVP on certain website. Guests who don’t use internet (yes, there are still such people) will have an opportunity to RSVP in more traditional manner, while for most other guests, electronic RSVP will be more acceptable option.

Information that should included on your wedding site are travel tips, such as the address of the local airport(s), rental car agencies, public transportation, hotels, restaurants and popular things your out-of-town guests could do in your area. Your guests should get directions and instruction on how (and when) to get to the venue. If there’s any cultural or religious info your guests should know, wed-site is the perfect way to give them more details about it. Attire requirements and guidelines are welcome on your wedding site, too.

Although wed-sites are convenient for posting gift-registries, you shouldn’t put emphasis on that. Make sure you guests find more information than only the link to the gift registry once they visit your wedding page. Don’t forget to add a massage of thanks!

Where to get started? If you think you might like having your wed-site, you don’t need to be a professional website designer. Take a look at twowed, an online place helping people to create socially interactive wed-sites and multilingual (over 25 languages supported!) wedding invitations.