Top 5 Points You Should Consider to Get Your Dream Wedding Band

Posted by on Sep 15, 2022 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

deer hunting wedding ring

Although there is a lot of discussion over engagement rings, it’s the wedding bands that should be your prime center of attention as they form a major part of your ring aesthetics; heck, they represent your love! But if you’re still unsure about where to start the shopping of your wedding bands, while your big day is around the corner, let us help you out. Here are a few tips.

1. Which Metal Should You Choose?

As such, people think only of yellow, rose or white gold, platinum and palladium, when they think of the metal of their wedding rings. however, there are other excellent alternatives too like tungsten. For example, tungsten is just perfect for a deer hunting wedding ring if your partner is a hunting pro. Tungsten is a strong metal and is ideal for a wedding band as it’s the wedding band that would be donned upon for a lifetime, and so, should last long.

2. Which Stones Should You Choose?

Adding stones and gems to the wedding band is a fantastic way to make the band unique. Pave style (lines of small diamonds) makes the band dazzling; however, it carries the risk of the precious gems coming loose and falling out over time, especially if the wearer has an active lifestyle. Thus, if you want to skip this risk, but still wants the glam that comes with stones, a channel setting can be perfect. Here a small channel is cut into the ring and stones are set in it in a row. This makes the gems more secure. When it’s about choosing the stones, you should choose substantial stones like rubies, diamonds or sapphires.

3. What about Engraving?

If you watch designs, you’ll go crazy with the endless options available. You just have to keep in mind that more intricate engraving is likely to trap more dirt. Not to mention, it will add to the cost of the ring.

4. What Width Should I Choose?

Although you might haven’t thought of this factor, it’s a huge choice to make about your wedding band. Most brides choose the width of their wedding bands that match their engagement rings, the most common being somewhere between 2mm and 4mm. however, mixing widths is also a great way to create an exclusive look. So, don’t hesitate to choose something bigger or smaller, as per your liking.

5. What Finish Should I Choose?

Finishes are popular particularly in men’s rings. Finishes can actually set the ring apart and help it stand out. Whether it’s the textured look you get in sandblast, hammered, matte, brush or stone, or it’s satin or high polish, the finish is the final touch that will make your band truly your own.

So, is the confusion over your wedding band over? Have you started looking for your dream wedding band?