Top 5 Tips to Throw a Gorgeous Wedding

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Several people think that a great wedding happens just by chance. However, wedding coordinators know well that unforgettable weddings are a work of excellent craftsmanship and planning. If you are looking for creating a memorable wedding, here are a few tips for you.

1. Select a Killer Wedding Invite Design

Your wedding invite is not just a text on a paper. It’s the first peek your guests will take into your wedding, hence it should shine! But it’s easy to be daunted about choosing the right invite design with so many options available.

There are certain rules regarding the wedding invitation text and you should know them. Traditionally, the person/s hosting the event is listed first on the invite. It’s customary for you to spell everything out, including the time of the ceremony. A classic wedding invite contains a request line after the host’s name, such as “Bride (name) and groom (name) request the honor of your presence.” Or like in this video “Leila Malek and Mishel Seedi request the pleasure of your company at the celebration of their union.” The wording can change depending on the hosting situation, hence, make sure you have added everyone who should be included.

2. Choose Wedding Rings Carefully

Looking at the numerous chores that are to be done before wedding, wedding couples often put the task of choosing their wedding rings on the last minute. But with not much time left in hand, the choice can make you regretful for the rest of your life. Considering that you’re going to wear the ring for your lifetime, you should choose it carefully. Plus, there are so many shapes, types and sizes available that you can be easily daunted if you go for the shopping on the last minute. So, start shopping early so you can choose your favorite wedding ring comfortably and will be happy for it. Take a look at the awe-inspiring wedding rings of Leila and Mishel!

3. Spend Some Time with the Makeup Artist

Your face and especially lips are very important. Bridal beauty experts advise brides to spend some time with their makeup artist and try on all possible shades.

According to experts, natural lips are the best. First, you want something that will stay all day, just as the bride in this Marquise Weddings video has chosen and it glows with her every happy smile.

4. Choose the Right Size of Gown

Even if you plan to lose weight before your big day, try on and choose one of the gowns of your current size. It’s much more comfortable to take a dress in than trying to work with one that’s far too snug. As you can see in this video, the bride has chosen a size just perfect for her figure, and is thus looking gorgeous.

Right Size of Gown

5. Let Your Love and Emotions Show

You’re happy for yourself! After all, you’ve got the soulmate of your choice and that’s something to celebrate. See how the bride and groom in the above video are smiling! Every moment is filled with joy, whether it’s the dance, the toast, the groom’s dance with his mom, or speeches! It should all show in your wedding. So, relax and enjoy your big day! It’s going to be gorgeous!