Transforming Your Wedding Venue

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"special wedding venuesPutting together different elements in a party to make it successful is a challenge. The venue is one of the most critical elements and it should never be taken for granted. If you noticed, the venue will be one of the most talked-about after the event. Whether it be a corporate event, birthday party, or wedding, the experience of your guests can be greatly influenced by the way your venue looks. So now the challenge is – how do you transform an empty space into a perfect atmosphere?

Equally important to the decorations are the chair covers that you use for the event. By covering old and boring chairs with elegantly designed chair covers, you can transform a hotel room into a totally different place exuding a wonderful ambiance. But they just cover the chairs – you may say. But don’t you think there is a reason why ladies dress up in gowns during parties? That is because they want to look great and stand out in the crowd of guests. The same thing goes with dressing up your chairs.

Chair covers are available in different colours and styles. Among the most popular are the white or ivory chair covers because they neutralize the colors around the venue. They look great, simple they way they are but can even look much better by adding sashes. They work just like a bow on top of a nicely combed straight hair. A small touch of colour to a simple chair cover makes a sophisticated look.

When using chair covers, you can either go for the stretchable ones or the custom fit ones. The good thing about the stretchable chair covers is that you can be sure that they will fit your chairs just by identifying the type of chair you will be using. You also save yourself from the efforts of ironing the fabric as most stretchable chair covers finish with no crease at all. If you decide to use the custom fit ones, make sure you have the exact dimensions as you wouldn’t want the chair cover to be loosely worn. You also wouldn’t want to bear with short chair covers because the chair happens to have longer legs than expected.

When choosing the design for the chair covers and the sashes, do not limit yourself to what is shown on magazines and catalogues. Be creative. Take time to think of what atmosphere you want and then discuss this with your chair cover hire company. They would be happy to provide suggestions in terms of the colour schemes and styles according to your preferences. Request for color swatches – most chair cover hire companies can provide these to aid your decision-making. It will help you visualize the colors in your mind and mix and match the colors to create a colour scheme that is unique and beautiful. Use your imagination. You will be surprised how going beyond the rules in the book will work wonders in creating the perfect atmosphere for your special day.

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