Unique, Stylish and Appealing Wedding Gift Ideas

Posted by on Feb 6, 2016 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles |

valentine sweatshirtIf you are an aspiring bride or a wedding of some of your near and dear ones is around the corner, you might be pestered by a question, more than anything else! And it is – what to gift? BarbDesignSolutions have brought a range of wedding day memories and designer unique keepsake gifts in the wedding section of their Etsy shop. These contain unique home décor, fragrances, fashion and Feng Shui handcrafted products, all purely made in the USA. I cannot resist myself from giving some of them here.

Look at these fabulous Gemology Sweatshirts which you can gift to the bride or a bride can gift to her bridesmaids. The gemstones and minerals on them will definitely appeal any girl because it’s a unique idea and extremely trendy!

gemology sweatshirts

Valentine Day is around the corner! Won’t you gift your sweetheart? Here is a superb gift – Valentine Designer Sweatshirt! This is unisex Valentine apparel and your sweetheart will fall for it!

valentine sweatshirt

BarbDesignSolutions has a range of wall art! Take a look at this one. This is eco friendly removable 6 panel mural wall art. Your recipient bride will be delighted with its appealing color combination and design, as this unique gift will beautifully adorn her new home!

wall art

This wall art is made of 9 panels and see how beautifully it has added to the décor of the room! If the bride’s new home has soft colors, this fabric mural will add spice to it to make it even more attractive.

9-panel mural

These are designer denim artworks unisex backpacks, certainly useful if your recipients are adventurous and would be going on a thrilling honeymoon! Bride and groom will be amazed by your thoughtfulness!

designer backpacks

And there are many more, which you should take a look at. All these products are handcrafted in America by Barbara’s Design Solutions. So, hopefully now you might have stopped worrying about what to gift to the newlyweds or your guests!