Useful Tips for Buying Flower Girl Dress

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Feather_DressA flower girl is a cute participant of a wedding. She has an important role to play, i.e. to carry a basket of flowers or petals and walk down the aisle, spreading them on the walkway before the arrival of bride. If you choose a flower girl for your big day, you have to choose a nice dress for her, for which you will have to consider several things. You will have to think upon the size of the girl, and the color, style and comfort level of the dress. Even though you are looking for cheap flower girl dresses, you can get high quality dresses, which can fulfill your requirements. For example, look at the dresses given here and many others at which are available to you in the finest of quality, an extensive range of styles and colors, and still at the best prices.


Size is an important factor to consider while choosing a dress for the flower girl. The age range of a flower girl is usually 4 to 8 years, which also means that the child will grow quickly. If the wedding will be after one year, and the dress you choose now fits well, it would become unfit till the wedding day. It is always better to take a size up for the dress. In case, the dress is too big, you can take it to a tailor to do alterations and make it fitted.


Level of Comfort

A flower girl being a small child, her comfort level is the most important factor to consider while buying her dress. The dress should not be itchy or trim. If the dress is uncomfortable, it can cause an irritation to the child, who may keep whining, scratching or pulling the dress while walking on the aisle. In order to make your wedding run smoothly, you should make the flower girl happy in her dress. It also should be considered that some girls are not comfortable with dresses. If this is the case with your flower girl, you may choose a stylish pant outfit for her to wear while walking down the aisle.

Quality of Fabric

The fabric of flower girl dress should be of excellent quality. It should be comfortable and crease-free. It is impossible that such a small girl will sit still throughout the event. So, choose a dress made of a material which will stay tidy throughout the ceremony. Avoid fabrics that easily catch wrinkles.

Some fabrics for the flower girl dress are:

Silk: Comfortable and beautiful, but tears easily

Satin: Nice-looking and most preferred material for flower girl dresses

Chiffon: Sheer fabric, mostly layered and flowy

Tulle: Looks like a tutu of a ballerina, because of the sheer netting and nice layers

Organza: Smooth, soft, sheer and crisp

Fabrics range in prices from cheap to costly. Ensure to choose one that fits your budget, in addition to being comfortable for the flower girl.


You can choose from a range of colors for the flower girl dress. Normally brides prefer a white dress for their flower girl so as to match their bridal dress. However, embellishments in form of bows, sash or ribbons can be added to the dress. A flower girl dress can also be chosen according to the bridesmaids’ dresses. There is also another option to choose a dress to match the color theme of your wedding.


The flower girl dress’ style depends on the style of your wedding. If you are conducting an outdoor wedding which is more casual than formal, you can choose light and airy flower girl dress in pastel colors, like light pink, blue or yellow. Such a dress should be simple instead of elaborate. On the other hand, a formal wedding held in a ballroom or a church needs a more formal and stylish dress that preferably matches the bridal gown. It has become a common trend to choose a sundress or a party dress for the flower girl which she can later wear on other occasions too. No matter, which style you choose for her dress, a primary thing you should look at is the dress should be comfortable.



Usually the parents of the flower girl are responsible for the expense of her dress. So, you should consider their budget while choosing the dress. If you are unsure about this, discuss with them about the price they can afford and then start shopping. If you have a specific dress in mind, which is costly and unaffordable for the child’s parents, you can help them to pay its cost.

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