Various Options in Wedding Rings for Men

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man's wedding ringShopping of jewelry for a bride is fun, but when it comes to the groom’s shopping, that too of a jewelry item called wedding ring, both, bride and groom, get confused. There are so many cool male wedding rings that it is difficult to choose just the right one. However, it is also important to choose the ring very carefully as it is going to stay on his finger most of the time in a day. A perfect ring for a man should match his lifestyle and personality too. It should also fit well and should be comfortable. Though there are no hard-&-fast rules as to how to find such a ring, you can remember some simple tips. Here they are.

His Lifestyle

Every man has a different lifestyle and requires a different wedding ring. Think about what type of work he does daily. If he does some hard work like on a machine, or with gardening or other such equipment, very intricate design for the ring won’t work because then it may get caught in the machine. In this case a simple design should be chosen, preferably with no stones or other embellishments which can increase the risk of accidents. So also, the material of the ring you choose for such a man should be tough and scratch-proof. But if your partner is employed in manual labor, but are going to wear the ring only on weekends and not on work, you can choose a lavish, intricate design adorned with gemstones. And if he is employed in a work which doesn’t need physical hard work, like writing, teaching, painting, etc then too you can choose an elaborate design for his ring. You should also consider his other activities. Does he play sports? If yes, which ones? If he takes up tough activities like football, hiking, camping, hunting etc, his ring should be made of a tough material and have a simple design. If he is interested in hobbies like painting, singing, etc, the ring can be elaborate.

Wedding-Ring for men

His Personality

A wedding ring is not only a symbol of love. It can also be an ongoing fashion statement. If your partner is a stylish person, he will choose a ring with flair, like a two-tone band or a band with a twist. If he is not interested in looking stylish all the time, he may choose a classic golden wedding ring having no details. Another variation is a wedding band with a woven or textured pattern or an inlaid stripe. Men interested in technology may choose a titanium band or a ring featuring a scientifically engineered design. If your partner’s ethnic or cultural background is a major part of his personality, choose a ring which will incorporate it.

Comfort Level

As most men haven’t worn a wedding ring before, they are concerned about their comfort level with the band. However, if shopped carefully by choosing the perfect shape, design and width, a comfortable wedding ring is possible. E.g. rounded edges are more comfortable than sharp ones. Also the inside edges having a gentle curve will be more comfortable than flat edges. This type of ring sports the appearance of a traditional flat ring while offering the comfort of curved edges.

with a twist

Hand and finger size also matters; e.g. men having small hands with short fingers will feel more comfortable with narrower rings, while those having large hands and big fingers will have to choose wide big rings.

Metal Type

Metal of the ring plays an important part in its looks, durability and comfort.

  • Gold is still the most preferred metal for men’s wedding rings. It can be white too, in addition to the traditional yellow.
  • Another metal gaining popularity these days is titanium. It is durable being the hardest material for rings and ranges in colors from white to silver. Its drawback is it cannot be resized and in case of emergency it should be cut off.
  • Platinum is another popular metal which is very heavy and dense. It resembles a lot to white gold, but is considerably more expensive and compact. This metal also needs to be cut off in emergency.
  • Tungsten is a newly emerging metal of choice for men’s rings. It is considerably low-cost and scratch-proof. It comes with permanent polish and so, looks new and shiny always.
  • Silver is the cheapest material for wedding bands but it can turn black with time. So, if the ring is to be worn daily, silver is not recommendable.

gold ring


If the profession of the man allows, you can choose a ring with gemstones. But he should also agree to it. A single stone like diamond, sapphire or even ruby, or paired with two small stones flanking the center stone on either side or many other patterns look good in a man’s ring.

So, you can take advantage of the many choices available today unlike the traditional gold rings of the olden days.