Vintage Bridal Jewelry – Timeless Trend

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vintage bridal jewelryIf you have planned to wear vintage jewelry on your big day, it is indeed a perfect decision. Vintage and unique handmade jewelry is today’s most popular trend. Wearing something old on your wedding adds a sentimental touch to the occasion and is a timeless tradition. Vintage jewelry has a special look which modern pieces don’t have. If you are fortunate to have vintage jewelry, you can wear it to dazzle on your special day. But if you don’t have it, you will have to do a little shopping. Who knows, you may create a family heirloom for your children!

Take your Wedding Gown into Consideration

You will have to keep in mind that your wedding gown is the prime center of attraction in your personality as a bride and jewelry is accessory. Your jewelry should not be upstaging your gown. Ensure that the jewelry you choose complement and not distract attention from your wedding gown. Take your bridesmaids’ opinion and find out what suits your wedding dress and choose accordingly.



You want that your bridesmaids to be adorned in the same type of jewelry like yours so as to maintain an even flow in the look of the wedding party. Achieve this by presenting the wedding day jewelry as the traditional thanking gifts. Your bridesmaids will be surely thrilled and touched to get antique jewelry. The jewelry will also act as a wonderful memory of your wedding which they will cherish forever.

Variety in Styles

You should consider different aspects while considering styles of different pieces of your jewelry. E.g. the length of your necklace depends on the neckline of your gown, while the style of your earrings depends on your hairstyle. Drop earrings and collar necklace will go best with hair that is worn up. If you have not chosen to wear gloves, choose a suitable bracelet; but don’t wear both, as that will be too much.


Pearl – Bride’s Best Friend

Pearl is known to be bride’s best friend because it has a classic look and offer a ravishing glow to any personality. You can choose real or faux both of which present numerous vintage styles. Colored pearls are also a good choice as they too are very popular nowadays.



Next popular choice for brides is a vintage rhinestone set comprising of sparkling necklace, earrings and bracelet. Quality rhinestone parures are usually mistaken for the real jewelry. If your gown is not already heavily sequined or beaded, crystal rhinestone jewelry makes a perfect choice to add the right amount of glitter.


Vintage jewelry made of various stones like sapphire, rhinestones, pearls, emerald, ruby and aqua does one more important job – bringing colors to your bridal ensemble. You will just have to take care that the colors match those of your bridal party.