Wedding Cake – What to Think About

Posted by on Sep 8, 2012 in Managing Wedding |

Planning a big day? Congrats! Well, it is very important event and you want everything to be perfect. Therefore, a wedding cake is not an exception. We will try to help you have the best wedding cake that will be as sweet and tasty as your honeymoon. So, here are some useful advices on what you should think of when choosing the wedding cake.

First of all, even though it is not so romantic, set a budget. You should do this straight from the start and to openly discuss about it with your wedding cake decorator. It is the best start for both parties and the process will be easier and more successful this way. After this, think about the wedding cake theme. Alright, it is not a must, but you should bring your decorator as much useful information as possible. For example, the selection process will be smoother if your decorator knows your wedding theme, the color of your dress, the flower arrangements etc. The look is important, but the taste must be as good. So, taste your wedding cake before you order it. And, be inspired and creative, your wedding cake does not have to be traditionally flavored. Chocolate, fruits, spices… Mix them the way you like it. Of course, try it before the final decision. Delivery and set up service has to be checked before you confirm your order.

If you think about making your own wedding cake, go ahead! However, the magic word is “practice” and this way you will avoid disappointment and, more important, stress. You will be busy a few weeks prior the big day, the stress is really not what you need then. Here is a Do-It-Yourself Wedding Cake for Under $50. Watch this 3 minute video trailer on this new amazing ebook: Accept the help from your friends and family, but your own opinion must be the most important when deciding on everything about your wedding, including the wedding cake.