Wedding DJ vs. Live Wedding Band

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wedding live vs wedding djThere are many choices involved in planning a wedding, and usually, the invitations, venue and decor get the most consideration. But, there’s one factor that can’t be forgotten before the couple says, “I do”: the music. While some may opt out of hiring music for their wedding, a band or DJ can add that extra touch of fun and excitement to make the day even more memorable. Which one to choose, though? There are a few points to keep in mind when choosing between a live wedding band (The Souljers) or a traditional DJ for a wedding.


When planning a wedding, perhaps the one thing that’s most on the wedding couple’s mind is price. They’re most likely spending a small fortune on all the other preparations, so money is, of course, an important priority when considering what music to hire for the event. While there is obviously no set price for hiring a musician or DJ, as a rule of thumb, a live band will cost more, as it consists of more than one person who must be hired for the event. Still, it’s worth looking in the newspaper, phone book and online for the best local deal.

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While a DJ may usually have bands beat when it comes to price, a group can allow for a little more adaptability when it comes to the wedding’s atmosphere. While there won’t be much that differs from one DJ to another, bands comes in all different types. If the couple wants the wedding to be a more classy, subdued affair, they can hire a string quartet or a jazz group, and if they’re hoping for a more upbeat and fun atmosphere, they can get a more traditional band.

Musical Variety

Even though there’s more variety to bands when it comes to selecting one, once the couple has picked a band, there’s a limited range of music that group can play. For example, a string quartet isn’t going to be able to play a modern dance hit, and some bands don’t have singers. So, if a couple chooses a band, they’ll have to be confident in their choice. On the other hand, a DJ will be able to play a greater variety of music, most likely anything that they’re asked to play.

Hopefully, the couple planning a wedding will already know the atmosphere they’re hoping to achieve at their wedding. In that case, the decision between a DJ and a live wedding band should be fairly obvious when considering price, atmosphere and the variety of music they’re hoping to meet. Those who still have doubts can always contact the musicians beforehand and see if they’ll be a right fit for the wedding.