Wedding Dresses and Their Skirt Styles – Choose the Best One for You

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Cathytelle ball gown

It’s your wedding and you’re the princess of the day. If you want to look your best on your big day, and you should look so, understand that majority of your looks depends on your wedding dress. Here are a few guidelines that can help you choose the right wedding dress for you.

Wedding Dress Silhouettes

You’ll come across numerous wedding dress silhouettes and you may get confused. But be sure you choose the right silhouette for your body shape. Try them all and choose the one that best suits you.

Ball Gown

This is the most popular styles in wedding dresses at with a fitted waistline and a full, flowing skirt. It’s suitable to taller brides.


The best thing about A-line silhouette is that it suits most brides. It gently flares out from shoulders and looks good on most heights and body shapes.


Sheath is a simple, yet elegant style that follows the natural contours of the body.


This amazing gown is made from vertical panels of fabric that follow the natural curves of the body. This style also flatters most figures.


This style is characterized with high waistline that begins just below the bust. Its skirt is normally slim and flowing.

blue sleeveless gown by Cathytelle

Skirt Shapes

Skirts of wedding dresses play a major role in the looks of the bride when she walks down the aisle. If you’ve chosen to wear a short wedding dress, you don’t have to worry about the skirt. However, if you’ve chosen to wear a long dress, you should definitely consider the skirt and its style. It’s also particularly important while buying your wedding shoes.

Box Pleats

These are deep parallel pleats of fabric that flow down the skirt. They flatter most shapes and work well with heavier fabrics.


This is a very wide skirt, usually on a hoop to make larger. It’s useful to hide big hips.

Mermaid or Trumpet

This style is classy and flirty at the same time. It’s slim and body-hugging until mid-thigh after which it flares out.

Pick-up Hem

This gives an elegant look by gathering pieces of fabric and curving them at several points around the hem which offers a slightly scooped effect.


Here the fabric gathers below the waistline at the back to form fullness. This flatters most body shapes.

You may find the looks of a certain style amazing, but when you try it on, it may not look that good. So, it’s essential to try several styles and find one that suits you the best. Happy shopping!

ball gown by Cathytelle