Wedding Flower Ideas

Posted by on Nov 6, 2011 in Managing Wedding |

Every bride dreams about having a memorable wedding and it would just not be the same without amazing flowers. Wedding flowers have to reflect the bride’s specific taste and personality and they have to provide the finishing touch to this very special day. There is a wide range of wedding flower ideas and it is very important to understand that there are no good or bad choices. When selecting flowers for a special day, the bride’s own preferences are the most important part, as well as understanding what works well for the chosen theme and what is affordable. Finding a good florist with creative flair who is able to turn bride’s dreams into reality is extremely important. A good wedding florist shares the bride’s vision, gives helpful advice while making sure she stays within her budget. It is recommended to be honest with the wedding florist, discuss the extent of the budget and start from there.

Flowers have different meanings so learning this can be helpful in deciding which flowers to choose. Some classic wedding flowers like roses, lily of the valley, orchid and calla lily are always sound choices. It is important to consider that the color of the flowers should complement the wedding gown, the wedding theme and the outfit of the bridal party. White is still the most popular color for the bridal bouquet because it matches perfectly with the bridal gown. However, there are many other colors that are used in weddings nowadays, ranging from soft pastels such as pale pink through to vibrant and reach colors such as burgundy, hot pink and violets. The season plays an important role in the wedding flowers choice, especially for the budget-conscious bride, because seasonal available flowers will always cost less.

Planning the wedding day can be stressful so it is recommended to work out the style and colors of wedding flowers ahead of the time. This is helpful in working to an overall theme to have the wedding one was dreaming about.