Wedding Photography – Contract Basics

Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Managing Wedding |

Oh, big day planning! It is both daunting and joyful task and even though it will seem to be too stress-full, you will certainly have nice memories. Well, if you find the right photographer. If you think you will hire the one that is the best in town, your next assignment will be to request a written contract. This will guarantee nice communication and amazing wedding photographs, and you surely deserve that.

So, what are the things to review before signing a contract? These are the critical points that should be written in your contract:

  1. Contact information (photographer’s and yours)
  2. Date, starting and finishing time, location(s) – where, when and for how long the photographer will be shooting.
  3. Photographer’s name and how many assistants will be there at the certain location(s)
  4. Equipment – cameras (kind and number)
  5. What happens if equipment fails?
  6. Rolls of film – number (if you need more rolls, how much would it cost)
  7. When will you receive – proofs and how long will you be able to keep them
  8. Album / prints delivery details (when and how you will receive them)
  9. How long will photographer keep your negatives?
  10. Total cost (preferably itemized)
  11. Price for additional prints
  12. Fee for overtime service
  13. Cancellation policy (Refund?)
  14. Additional items
  15. Signatures (photographer’s and yours)