Wedding Planner – Not To Splurge, But To Save

Posted by on Aug 30, 2014 in Managing Wedding |

wedding-planner saves moneyYou might be an absolute DIY gal and thinking of planning your bid day all by yourself – but hold on! Being DIY in all other aspects of life saves a lot of money, I know. But when it comes to your wedding, it’s wise to keep your principles aside and hire a wedding planner. Here I am giving the experiences of actual customers of a Midwest wedding planner which are enough to prove to you, how a wedding planner saves your time and money.

Negotiation on Your Behalf

First and foremost advantage of hiring a wedding planner is negotiating on your behalf with wedding vendors. Obviously it saves much of your time and energy, in addition to saving money when the negotiations are successful. Here, another advantage of making the wedding planner deal with vendors is being in the business for years, s/he knows which vendors provide high quality service despite bringing down their costs during negotiations.

Hidden Costs and Charges

If you see carefully, you will find that every factor of a wedding has some or the other hidden costs and charges. For example, at a wedding venue, you will find the charges doubled on the name of administration fee for bringing your own DJ or band. Here a wedding planner can properly negotiate and save your money on such hidden costs.

An interesting thing seen about weddings is even the most prudent of couples are so excited and overwhelmed with the event that they cannot see the duplication of charges, they would have seen otherwise clearly. For example, chairs in a chapel have covers, and there are more chairs with covers in the neighboring dining room. If some wedding party members simply move the chairs while your wedding photography session is going on, you save a few hundred dollars there itself!

Experience Matters

If you plan your wedding yourself, have you the experience of planning such an event? No (unless you are a wedding planner by profession)! A wedding planner knows what is needed (and what is not) and negotiates contracts that way – this may either save you money or you can use the amount for another factor of the wedding.

Saving is More than the Planner’s Fee

The saving your wedding planner brings to you is more than her/his fee. If you go on hiring vendors all by yourself, you may easily fall prey to their hidden costs and charges which will make you spend much more than spending as a wedding planner’s fee.

Transparency in Money-handling

An honest wedding planner is transparent about all the monetary deals and never handles your money. S/He only negotiates for you and the actual payments are to be done by you. So, you can see what is decided and be clear about the dealings.

Wedding Planners are Not Only for the Rich

There is a common misconception that only rich couples can hire a wedding planner. In fact, wedding planners can do their job even more efficiently when the wedding is small and budget is modest. Actually, sticking to the set budget is the job of wedding planners and their skill shows there. If you don’t have experience to do that, you can never do it, if you are a DIY bride trying to save money.

So, hiring a wedding planner is not to splurge, but is economical. If you really want to save money and time, and want to hold an unforgettable big day, a wedding planner is a must for you.