Wedding Planning – Common Mistakes

Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Managing Wedding |

You’ve got engaged and you have to plan and organize the perfect wedding. The Cool Wedding Planning Tools are available on the market to help you to succeed in this quest. WeddiGo is a totally free Web APP containing all essential wedding planning tools that you need to easily plan a memorable wedding. But even though you have found someone to share your life with and you are a bride-to-be, still you are a human being. This means you are bound to make mistakes and it will surely happen. However, some common wedding blunders can be avoided.

The first thing you should avoid is doing absolutely anything before having the guest list. Even though you are probably considering the best reception halls, imagining the gown of your dreams and thinking about flowers and favors, nothing should be booked or purchased prior deciding on the people you would invite. Couples usually avoid this topic because it is probably the hardest part of planning. And it’s not fun at all, because it usually leads to fight. So, decide whether you want an intimate affair or the event of the season and make the guest list according to your decision. After you have the idea who’s coming to your important event, you can move on to planning some more interesting and fun parts.

What about your physical appearance? Well, if you are a bride, you are a woman and like all the women out there you are probably not so satisfied by the way you look. Of course, everybody can look better, but avoid this mistake – do not buy wedding gown that “will be perfect once you get toned” or “will suit you perfectly when you lose some extra baggage”. No, you look lovely the way you are and you have a partner who wants to spend his life with you! Buy the gown that will fit you right now. Of course, if you lose some extra weight before the second fitting, you will look amazing on your wedding day.