Wedding Venues – Basics

Posted by on Oct 14, 2012 in Managing Wedding |

The first thing after you decide to get married, or at least one of the first quests is to find the perfect wedding venue. Luckily, you have uncountable options. Country club, reception or banquet hall are common venues, but it is up to you to even transform some other place, such as photography lofts or bars into the perfect spot to exchange your vows. First of all, you will need to fix your wedding budget. If you do not have enough money for some fancy hall, do not over think about it. Don’t worry, with the right decoration and flowers, even the cozy reception hall can look really amazing. You can revamp any space and make it totally unique and astonishing. So, if you are planning a budget wedding, you can still make it beautiful and memorable, both for you and your guests. 

Things you should always consider when choosing the wedding venue are the number of your guests and their mobility. If you want to throw a really big party, destination weddings and venues faraway from your home are not an option. But, in case you have a short list of invitees and all of them ready and willing to travel anywhere you like, your options are almost endless. If you plan to do your wedding and reception at the separate venues, you should look for some nearby places. Keep in mind that more people will come to the reception than to the wedding ceremony. There are nice online places, such as something like the “Priceline”, but for weddings, where you can find deals on venues and vendors for your big day. When you find some nice options that both look lovely and fit your budget, go to that locations and check them out personally. When you enter the venue, you will know for sure whether it is perfect for your big day or not.