Wedding Videographer – Important Qualities to Look For

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choosing wedding videographerSince much has been written on this topic, you may feel that this article contains the same old story of the usual factors to see while choosing your wedding videographer like the videographer’s style, portfolio, your budget, and other bla bla… But I feel that you should read this one to get some more insight before you hire a videographer to shoot the most special day in your life. Before you read on, also take a look at this Sydney wedding videography, to understand what excellent wedding videos are.

So, what I want you to understand is there may be several things you can look for in a wedding videographer, but the most critical thing is experience. This is because though very common, wedding videos is a specialist product and you should hire somebody who knows the niche inside out.

Here is an interesting observation: It has been quite common for people to start a video production business by making wedding videos, because (don’t know why) they feel mistakenly that it is an easy way to start with. To worsen this, by the time they become competent, they realize often that they could earn more with some other work. As a result, disproportionate services of wedding videography are provided in some areas by inexperienced people.

But don’t get disappointed. You just need to be careful – there are lots of really competent wedding videographers out there who are devoted and passionate about their job. Your job is to check their experience.

Request for Demos

Seeing demonstration tape of the previous work of the videographer is important. So, don’t hesitate to request for demos. And there is no valid reason for them to deny the request – if they do showing the reason of privacy or something, you can move to others in your list.

Best thing to do is to see a collection of their previous work, but you also have to make sure that you watch a video in full – from start to finish. That will give you an idea about whether they cover the event entirely and not just some pleasant shots here and there. Also remember that there may be some negligible errors in a lengthy video.

It is also good to ask for references of their earlier customers.

How Does the Videographer Communicate?

This is also important when the videographer will shoot your wedding. If s/he has excellent communication skill, the day will run smoothly, as the videographer will let everyone know effectively what is expected from them regarding the video.

Videographers have to work with your guests as well as other professionals. If there is any conflict between the two parties, the quality of the video may get affected. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the videographer (and other professionals too) you choose is good-natured and easy-going, in addition to being competent in her/his work.


You might be knowing a lot about different videography styles by now. Still I will give some major ones here and you should look for and think upon one with which you are the most comfortable. They are:

  • Documentary: These include voice-overs, interviews, etc.
  • Fly-on-the-wall, reality TV style
  • Cinematic, arty style

In addition to these, there are other factors to see like budget, packages, etc. I have given the most important ones, so that you are not bored of reading the same things again and again. But one thing I would like to essentially mention again that while choosing a wedding videographer, choose the best one you can afford. If possible, compromise on some other elements of your big day, which are not going to remain for a long time like your wedding video. And you won’t regret for that, I promise!