Wedding Videography Styles – Which One Will You Choose?

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wedding videography stylesIt’s great fun to experience the enjoyment of your big day in form of a video, as you watch all the event again and the videographer might also catch some candid as well as fun moments which you wouldn’t notice, being busy in the rituals. You can have this enjoyment in various forms, because there are different styles of wedding videography. If you have some knowledge about these various styles, you can ask your videographer whether s/he offers a particular style you would like your wedding video to be filmed in. So, let’s know about various wedding videography styles.

Journalistic Style

Journalistic style is also referred to as documentary style and is shot as if the wedding is a news story. The segments shot are edited as they take place, to maintain their flow. Journalistic style produces a refined account of the day as it goes on unfolding. If you want to watch your wedding in form of a great news, journalistic style is perfect for you.

Cinematic Style

As the name suggests, this style shoots your big day in a movie style. The various shots are edited to present a dramatic mood and effect. It usually consists of that “wow” factor which a documentary style wedding video lacks. If you would like your wedding to be presented as an exciting drama, choose cinematic style of wedding video.

Storytelling Style

Storytelling style is similar to cinematic style. But here sound bites, generally of the wedding couple, are recorded before, during and after the wedding and then are added to the audio track in a way so as t o give a push to the story of the day and create a dramatic effect.

Short-form Style

A film which has been edited to fit in a time frame not less than 15 minutes and not longer than 50 minutes is a short-form style wedding video. According to some videographers anything shorter than 60 minutes is a short form.

Traditional Style

In traditional style of wedding video, every happening in the event is captured to its entirety, just opposite the short-form style. The video can be edited but often lightly. Everything is edited in a linear sequence and mostly fully. Traditional style wedding videos are usually 2 to 3 hours or even longer.

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