What Can (and Cannot) Your Wedding Planner Do for You?

Posted by on Apr 2, 2015 in Managing Wedding |

wedding planner torontoA wedding planner is no longer a luxury; it has become a necessity. Since couples have their own busy professions and schedules, taking time out for wedding chores is a tough task and therefore, a professional wedding planner is handy. However, if the bride expects that the wedding planner does every little chore of hers, she might be expecting too much from the planner. There are some chores your planner will do for you, while there are some which she won’t or can’t. Let’s take a look at them.

Can Act as a Bad Guy for You!

Your aunt can pressurize you that she will play piano on your ceremony or your uncle can emphasize that he will catch the wedding photos; however, they cannot pressurize your wedding planner and s/he will act as a bad guy for you. Though in such a scenario, the uncles and aunts may be upset, they are not upset with you!

Cannot Make Your Seating Chart

Making a seating chart is something which the couple should do exclusively. Your wedding planner doesn’t know the details of your family and friends and can accidently make people sit in wrong places. While s/he can make your job easier and more organized by handing you software, the job should be done by you.

Can Account for Logistics and Details

Your planner can help you stick to your budget, stay on track, create deadlines and complete the tasks. S/He will make you see the unexpected events, prevent you from making expensive mistakes and unpleasant surprises.

Can’t Prevent Raining

If you are on your own while planning your wedding, you might pray “Please, no rains!” But your planner won’t rely on God or Fate. S/he can’t stop rain, but will keep “plan B” ready in case it rains.

Can Bring Your Ideas Together

If you have long been planning about how your wedding will be with the help of magazines and wedding portals, your planner can certainly bring all those ideas together to take a unified look to plan your wedding your way.

Can’t Do Tasks to be Done Only by You

Some tasks are typically to be completed by you, like attending stylist’s and dress designer’s appointments on time, take a contraceptive prescription from your gynecologist, find a sitter for your dog, deposit your gift checks and write “thank you” notes for you!

The job of your wedding planner is to show you the big picture and help you organize everything without letting you get daunted. With her/his help you can go through your wedding planning process smoothly which you couldn’t if done alone. However, you should not expect every little task to be done by her/him just because you have paid money. Of course, you should make her/his full use and s/he too will be happy to do that!

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