What Makes a Traditional Wedding?

Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Managing Wedding |

"Wedding"Before making it down the aisle to celebrate your love in matrimony there are a hell of a lot of things to consider. Getting married is a lot more stressful than many of us may have thought; blushing brides often get carried away with the idea of having a perfect day without all the planning and preparation. So what actually makes a traditional wedding?

  1. The dress

The dress is one of the most important aspects of a wedding, the moment where the bride has to outshine everyone else as she steps down the aisle. A white wedding dress has been the traditional wedding colour since Queen Victoria married Price Albert in the 19th century.  It is also tradition to have a train; a traditional dress has a three foot train however trains are not as popular in the modern day, although a traditional feature to a dress, not an essential!

  1. The ceremony

Wedding traditions are connected to religion as most traditional weddings are held in a Church or other holy place. For those who want to get married and are not religious are of course able to get married in other places such as a registry office. Nowadays weddings are held in many unusual places such as hotels, Disney world or even bars! To keep to tradition though, a holy place is widely known as a special place to be wed. Alongside the venue, the ceremony would traditionally include a full mass and of course the traditional wedding vows.

  1. The reception

A traditional wedding reception involves a lot of photos, food and drink! The happy couple will usually want lots of photos on their special day so usually an hour is spent getting snap happy before a traditional sit down meal where all guests can enjoy a three course meal.  After a few drinks it’s usually time for the best man speech which usually generates lots of laughter and possibly a few tears! A wedding reception wouldn’t be the same without the big moment everyone waits for… The cake cutting of course!

Written by Zoe Leeder, an enthusiastic writer with a passion for weddings!