Which Type of Wedding Band will You Choose?

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types of wedding bandsWhile considering the entertainment for your big day, hiring a wedding band is always a nice option. A wedding band keeps the party lively, creates atmosphere and is usually liked by everyone, besides adding a traditional touch to the ceremony. But are you aware of different types of wedding bands? If you know that, it will be easy for you to choose among them. Let’s see the types of wedding bands.

Variety Band

Variety band is the most preferred choice of most couples. This is because wedding guests come from a variety of locations, lifestyle and likings for music. While you consider your guests, it should be your aim that the wedding band should entertain every guest. Every bride loves to see the dance floor full all the time. If you choose a variety band, you will see your guests entering and exiting the dance floor, time and again, as per their musical tastes and there will always be a bustle on the dance floor.

Pick-up Band

A pick-up band is a group which generally comprises of a leader and “on-call” musicians who don’t perform always. This type of band is often less expensive since they depend on musicians who sit around at the last moment before your reception and work cheap. Therefore they have the substitution clause in their contract. A specialized wedding band too has a substitution clause in their contract, but only because they may have backup musicians if someone is sick. But a pick-up band takes advantage of this clause and makes a killing with less-in-demand, cheap musicians. And for this reason, a pick-up band is not a good choice for your big day.

Hobby Band

A hobby band is a musicians’ group who play music simply for fun on weekends. This type of band might occasionally consist of a gifted musician but s/he cannot make the whole band great and so, a hobby band should not be your first choice. Hobby bands too are usually less expensive.

Jam-Session Band

A jam-session band may or may not contain regular musicians. They usually are not able to perform more than 7-8 songs per 45 minutes set because each one takes a solo and then turns the song into a “jam-session”. So, they obviously don’t play the song as per the original arrangement. This may cause loss of interest. Usually a jam-session band seems to entertain themselves first and your guests afterwards. They confuse guests regarding which dance steps to take.

Permanent Band

A pick-up band, a hobby band and a jam-session band cannot ever compete with a permanent band. A permanent band contains a set of list of musicians who regularly work together and so, are well-rehearsed. However, there may some issues with a permanent band, because there is no guarantee that your guests won’t be bored with them. The reason is the musicians may not be necessarily competent just because they rehearse together. They may lack the ability to keep the audience’s interest always on. So, before hiring them, you will have to first examine their performance and see if they are really versatile and have the ability to create an interest.

Thus you can keep some criteria in mind while hiring a band for your big day, like your guests’ entertainment (which should be main), economy, professionalism and ability of the band to make the party lively till the end.

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