Will You Call Them World’s Most Famous Diamonds?

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audrey hepburn's ringDiamond has won the heart of not only women but men too. No wonder, the most famous stones in the history are diamonds. While many of these famous diamonds gave tremendous riches, prosperity and fame to their owners, some others ignited wars, some made people kill each other; some ruined generations after generations in some families and some became infamous as “cursed”. However, the attraction of man towards diamonds never ended and will never end. That’s the reason, why even today most brides long for a diamond engagement and wedding ring, and even their grooms want to look at the pleasure in their sweethearts’ eyes upon seeing a diamond ring. Here are some famous diamonds in the recent history which are examples of man’s passion towards diamonds.

Stackable Rings of Audrey Hepburn

Audrey’s beau presented her 2-faceted wedding bands one in white and the other in rose gold. It was year 1954 when the trend of 2-faceted diamond ring started, the inspirer of which used to switch them according to her various outfits and events.

Massive 10-carat Diamond of Angelina Jolie

The massive 10-carat diamond of Angelina Jolie is chosen with love and care by hubby Brad Pitt to make it famous with its one-of-a-kind cut, as much as the couple is. Jeweler Robert Procop recalls how Brad wanted every aspect of it to be perfect, for which this particular diamond was chosen and was cut to suit Angelina’s hand exactly.

angelina jolie

Yellow Diamond in the Engagement Ring of Rebecca Romijn

The 6-carat diamond presented by Jerry O’Connell to Rebecca Romijn while proposing her was special as she wanted a sexy dangling ring and so, resized it.

Rose Gold Ring of Katie Holmes

The famous diamond got the honor to get set in the ring of Tom Cruise’s dream girl Katie Holmes started a trend when Tom proposed Katie on top of the Eiffel Tower. This diamond was set in a rose gold setting which inspired numerous designs for engagement rings thereafter!

Pink Diamond of Mariah Carey

The beautiful pink shade of the diamond in the engagement ring of Mariah Carey is heavy 10.2 carat and has an emerald cut – a perfect example of beauty!

mariah Carey

All these diamonds have not yet seen many pages of history. But if you want to know about ones which have really witnessed ages and eras, visit IsraeliDiamond.co.il and read the enchanting stories of those legendary diamonds.