Wine and Wedding Cakes Pairing

Posted by on May 8, 2012 in Managing Wedding |

"Wedding Cake"Wedding is a very special event, and no one would want it to be unmemorable. It also is an exciting time with lots of planning, budgeting, and a plethora of things to be done; with which you would want to have everything right.

Wine and wedding cakes in Perth will play a vital role in weddings for it often reflects the impeccable tastes of wedding couples. The choice of wedding cake and wine helps create that specific feel to the wedding. And because majority of the groom and bride wish on adding their personal touch to their very big day, a lot are searching for innovative ideas which can provide a personalized, memorable, and very unique experience and feeling for the guests and especially for themselves.

The strong practice of serving champagne with cake during the wedding ceremony is still evident in many weddings of this modern age. But more and more couples are also being open to using unique desserts and sparkling wine alternatives. This can be due to a number of factors – budgets for weddings may be tight, the choice of champagne is not available in the market, or it just is not right. Whatever reason couples may have, it is always good to know what champagne goes well with what cake.

A common rule of thumb for wine and wedding cakes pairing is, “the wine must be sweeter, if not of the same sweetness, than the wedding cake it is to be paired with”.

Wedding cakes that have rich and fruity element such as yellow cake with fruit fillings, classic white cakes, frosted butter cream cakes will go well with varieties of white wines. Other options include carrot cakes, spice cakes, and other cakes whose sweetness level stays in balance with the white wine.

If you happen to have a chocolate cake in your wedding, pairing this with a red wine will prove to be a very excellent way of enjoying an intense chocolaty flavor. Cakes with intense and bittersweet flavors to them such as flourless chocolate torte and dark chocolate, when paired with red wine of any variety, will whip a whimsical and elegant feel to the taster.

Cakes with coffee flavors are best paired with sweet and fortified wines. We all know that coffee has that bittersweet taste to it. When planning on using a coffee flavored cake on your wedding, pairing it up with any fortified or sweet wine will taste like heaven.

Green skinned grape wines together with lemon cakes of any variant are a match made in heaven. The tangy flavor of the lemon cake goes smoothly well with the crisp, dry yet refreshing taste of the green skinned grape wine variety.

For whatever type of cake you may want for your wedding, planning it together with your lifetime partner will serve more great memories than the pairing of wine and cake itself. Champagnes are drinks which are flavorful and easy to be paired with. Coupling your celebration cake in Perth with sparkling wines will still depend greatly on you and your partner’s liking and not someone else’s.