Working with Wedding Makeup Artist to Achieve a Princess Look

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bridal Makeup tipsYour big day is an opportunity for you to fulfill your desire to look like a princess for a day or to present a stunning image of yourself, at the least. You look radiant because of happiness, anticipation and excitement; but mistakes in your bridal makeup detract from that special look which comes only from within. Here are those wedding makeup ideas which are given by expert wedding makeup artists to enhance your wedding day beauty from within.

Create a Perfect Canvas

Your skin is a canvas on which makeup is to be painted. And if this canvas is flawless, the makeup is bound to look stunning. If you have not done it ever, start a beauty routine a few days before the wedding day, which includes gentle cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating (drinking water). Ideally you should start this from your engagement day. These three activities will best provide you with the smooth, radiant skin which will serve as a superb canvas on which makeup is to be applied.

Know the Components of Wedding Day Makeup

While choosing your wedding makeup and makeup artist, you better know about the components of makeup so that you can tell the makeup artist what exactly you want. Also you should know about their quality and relative prices. Remember that bridal makeup need not necessarily be priciest for being high quality. But it should be free from oiliness and should be long lasting so as to remain flawless for the entire day. What are the different components of wedding makeup?

wedding makeup comoponents


Use of primer depends on your personal preference. Professional wedding makeup artists include it in their cosmetic kit for three reasons. It offers easier application and longer staying power to foundation, it absorbs oil and it prevents the makeup from being cakey. If you don’t want to use primer, you can tell your makeup artist so, and she will probably use a good moisturizer to prepare your face.


Professional makeup artists advise using powders than liquid foundation so as to provide a good base for bridal makeup. Especially mineral makeup offers great coverage, stays long and offers a matte finish which works wonders for bridal photos. If you decide to use liquid foundation, choose oil-free or matte-finish product and a color with a tinge of yellow because it works with all skin tones. Very fair brides can choose foundation with a tinge of pink. Using a cosmetic sponge for applying liquid foundation provides more even coverage than using fingers.


A concealer may or may not be necessary during bridal makeup. It is needed for additional coverage. If you choose to use one, choose an oil-free concealer with a slight yellow tone that will cover pimples, red spots, etc. But take care to use a richer and creamier concealer having a peachy tinge for the skin below the eyes. This is because oil-free, dry concealers often cake under the eyes as the skin there has no oil glands and is drier than the other facial skin.


Mascara is a wonderful component of bridal makeup and ranks high on the list unless you choose to use false eyelashes. Clever use of mascara makes your eyes look stunning and a lovely focal point. A mascara container contains many applications; so better you work with your makeup artist to experiment different types so as to find the right application, because a wrong choice of mascara can ruin all the other makeup.

mascara kit


Eyeliners are of two types – pencils and cake eyeliners. Of these, pencils work fine but because of being waxy, they fade quickly, turn into fine lines beneath the eyes and need frequent applications. On the other hand, cake eyeliners work better and last longer.

Eye Color and Primer

Besides eye color, there is one more component of eye makeup and it is the eye shadow primer and experts advise to use it before applying eye color to offer longevity to the eye color and prevent eye shadow from smudging.

Lip Color

You will have to do a lot of kissing on your big day! And so you have to find a really lasting lip color, whether it is lipstick, lip-gloss or lip stain. You better know that there are products to last for the entire day. Also repeated use of a conditioning lip balm may be better to prevent lips from drying out. Before applying lip color it is better to work with your makeup artist to exfoliate your lips lightly using a lip scrub or massaging lips gently with a toothbrush. Such an exfoliation removes dead flakes of skin and then you can moisturize the lips using lip balm. These two quick measures will prepare your lips for color.

Defining the lips to prevent the color from bleeding and using a lip pencil to fill in the entire lip surface to make the color last longer are two essential steps whether the lip color is in form of stick, gloss or stain.


Blush is necessary for a radiant, healthy glow. Experts prefer powder blush for wedding makeup, because it doesn’t shine like cream blush. If cream form is used, it is better to dust it with powder so as to set it. Carry oil-blotting sheets with you.


Teeth Whitening

Inquire with your makeup artist if she includes teeth whitening in her makeup assignment. This is to be started a few days before, but is achieved in a short time with bleaching kits and strips.

Thus if you know all the makeup components very well, their use, pros and cons, whether they are necessary or not for your particular skin and face, etc you can decide what exactly you desire and can instruct your wedding makeup artist in a perfect way to achieve a real princess look on your special day.