Your Wedding Invite Print Denotes Your Wedding Style

Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in Managing Wedding |

pocketfolds2Not only your wedding invitation wording denotes your wedding style, but also does the printing on the invitations you choose, most importantly about how formal your wedding will be. Also the printing will largely influence your budget and to some extent the design and paper type. Therefore, it is advisable to have some knowledge about the various wedding stationery printing types.


In engraving type of printing, letters and designs are raised on the front side and indented on the rear of the invite. This type of printing is perfect for a super-formal event (and is that pricey too – one of the most expensive).


It virtually looks just like engraving, but the difference is the lettering is a bit shinier and back side of the invite remains smooth. Thermography offers the same formal look as that of engraving, but at a cheaper price.


This is opposite of engraving as lettering is indented on the rear side and a bit raised on the back of the invitation. It looks sophisticated and often uses traditional patterns (but not necessarily). This too is one of the most expensive printing techniques. But many stationers offer low-priced options too, but with fewer choices for personalization.

Digital Printing

Digital printing gives similar results as that of a home laser printer, if done by professional printers, digital printing gives high quality, resulting in a long-lasting end product which doesn’t fade or smudge, which you might have if you print it yourself. This technique is perfect if the event is more casual, and also if the couple is on a budget or tight timeline.

Offset Printing

This gives similar looks as that of digital printing but has higher in quality and a bit more expensive. Designs and letters are flat in this. This is a perfect method if you are on a budget. It works well with more casual designs.

Foil Stamping

In this method, a paper-like foil makes a metallic design on the back. This technique works well for a romantic, luxe wedding, but it is also getting more and more popular for casual and whimsical invites.


This is same as engraving but on a bigger scale. Designs and texts appear elevated but are colorless. It is ideal for bordering and monograms. is a wedding invitation printing in Dublin, Ireland – a complete cross-media print and signage company. They keep their production facilities up-to-date with new technologies and strive to give the best product to you.