Small Weddings – Charming and Unique

Posted by on May 16, 2014 in Misc Wedding Articles |

small wedding 1While some brides dream about big wedding, others prefer smaller events. Both sides have valid arguments, though. But, if you still haven’t decided about the size of your wedding, we would like to help you focusing on smaller ones. Read more to find out what are the advantages of a small intimate wedding!

  • Nearest & Dearest Guests

It’s your special day and if you make it small, you will surely spend it among really close people. There won’t be those relatives you hardly know. Whittle down people and you’ll get quality instead of quantity.

  • Less Pressure

Without seemingly-foreign eyes on you, you would feel more relaxed. In other words, you will be focused on sharing the joy and happiness with your guests, other than worrying whether everything will work well. If you arrange a small wedding, even if something goes wrong, you have many options how to save it.

  • Cha-ching!

Well, for many people economical reasons are the key factor to opt for a small wedding party. Fewer people undoubtedly means saving money. Fewer centerpieces, fewer favors, fewer everything! This means you can hire top-notch vendors and have an amazing, high-end wedding. Also, less money spent on the wedding day, means more money for your honeymoon, a vehicle, an apartment or a rainy day.

  • small wedding 2More Venues to Choose From

If you don’t have to accommodate too many guests in a space, some really cool and unique locations could work as wedding venues. University libraries, boutique restaurants, beach clubs, art clubs might be the best places for you to get married and with a small wedding this mission is possible!

  • Memorable Event

When you get around the seasonal wedding circuit, soon you realize that these events usually become very predictable and assembly line-like. It’s not necessarily a bad think, but if you make it more personal, people will recall it was a unique wedding.

Finally, whatever you choose – smaller or bigger wedding party, it will be truly special in its own way. However, if you are in doubt, these arguments might help you to make a final decision. Anyway, we wish you a lot of fun and joy!