4 Fun Ideas to Spice Up Your Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Posted by on Mar 26, 2020 in Misc Wedding Articles |

wedding anniversary wishes for coupleIf you think there is nothing spicy in celebrating yours or others’ wedding anniversaries, you are wrong. You can still spice things up with numerous ideas. For example, the best and my favourite is sending happy anniversary messages to the loved ones. Here are some of the ways to spice up wedding anniversary celebrations.

1. Re-create Your Wedding Menu

If you are serious about your wedding and relationship, you must remember your wedding menu – each and every component of it – the appetizers, the main course, the dessert, chocolates, candies and ice creams if any, everything! Bring all that back but this time to your home or another venue if you have booked any. Arrange everything in the same way as it was on your big day. E.g. arrange a candy table, dessert table etc. Had you got a chocolate fountain on the big day? It’s fun to have that on your anniversary. And don’t forget your wedding cake! This can be spiced up even more if you add an entirely new special dish to the old menu and surprise your spouse. The new dish should be the favorite of your spouse.

2. Shower Your Significant One with Loving Anniversary Wishes

Balloons are a fun way to express joy, happiness and freshness. To bring freshness to your relationship, blow up as many balloons as the number of years of your relationship. These should be colorful and preferably have some other embellishments too to make them look more amazing. Now prepare pieces of paper with lovely wedding anniversary wishes for couple on them and glue them on each of the balloons. Add these balloons to your decoration and amaze your spouse!

You can use anything else if you don’t want balloons. You can just add those lovely wishes to anything, like on the walls, on your gift, to a book or you can just make a notepad with those wishes and gift it to your significant one to please her/him. Here it’s important to pass your emotions in the form of those wishes!

wedding anniversary wishes for couple

3. Re-create Your First Date

Remember where you had been on your first date? Maybe it was a scenic spot or a restful restaurant! Relive those enchanting moments with your spouse. Let the day be only for you two. Share whatever you have in mind and listen to your spouse.

4. Do an Anniversary Photo Shoot

Enlist a few of your favorite spots around the town, get your camera ready and capture photos at those spots of just two of you. The spots should have a special meaning for you and your spouse; e.g. your first kiss under a shady tree in the park or the altar of your town church where you tied the knot. You can find many such special spots. Capture those photos and relive those enchanting moments.

Has your creativity triggered a bit to celebrate your anniversary and make it enchanting? If it has, start preparing right away and have fun!