4 Great Tips to Make Your Wedding Video Look Awesome

Posted by on Mar 15, 2019 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

videography for wedding in SingaporeA lot of times, we have shared tips for brides for great wedding photography. However, wedding video is also equally essential and should be equally great too. So, why shouldn’t brides take care to look great in their wedding videos? Certainly they should.

However, remember that just as good photos are not only the job of your photographer, a great video is not the job of only your videographer; you too should be an equal contributor in making the video great.

Here are some tips with which brides can make sure their big day would be caught on the film just as they want.

1. Ask Guests to Cooperate with the Videographer

Many of your guests might be eager to catch your wedding video on their mobile devices. Sure, they can do that but not at the cost of the quality of your wedding video. So, talk with your guests to cooperate with the professional and follow her instructions, like avoiding coming in her line of vision.

2. Be Natural

Although you want that you should look good in your wedding video, remember that don’t do anything very consciously as if you are trying to look good always. Genuine smiles, cries and chats will make you look more beautiful than keeping your face free from lines and thus expression-less. Think that you are not doing anything for people and no one is watching you. Just be what you are and act naturally before the camera.

videography for wedding in Singapore

3. Suggest Changes Early but Graciously

What seems a quick edit to you might take much of time of your videographer. So, if you want something to be edited, point it out early and request to do it. You might even want to change your song during the first dance, while your videographer has edited according to the style, tempo and mood of the previous song. Changing the song becomes a time-consuming process in such a scenario. Once you suggest the change, don’t follow up nonstop, but ask graciously when the final product would be ready.

4. Have Voice

Sounds are as important for a great video as is an intense videography like the videography for wedding in Singapore. Typically, people who don’t face camera in everyday life, can’t speak before the camera due to fear. They either cannot project their voice or don’t find right words. Whether it’s your vow or any other dialogue, speak fearlessly, slowly and clearly. That would make your video effective.

Follow these tips and be proud every time you’ll watch the video in the future.