4 Practical Tips to Immortalize Your Proposal in the Form of Awesome Photos

Posted by on Aug 23, 2017 in Misc Wedding Articles |

Nashville wedding photographer proposal photosNo matter how long and how carefully you plan for a perfect proposal, the actual moment will fly by in an instant when it actually takes place! And so, capturing it on a camera is the best idea. And of course, those photos should be awesome. Here are tips for making your proposal photos the way you want to see them for years to come.

1. Keep it Simple

You don’t have to arrange for great decoration, music and other extravaganza to make your proposal photos spectacular. In fact, people these days want basics which is actually preferable. Most guys want a simple yet beautiful moment in a scenic location and to make the proposal be just about them and not something overwhelming. The beauty of a proposal lies in the fact that it’s entirely about them, their love and commitment, and not about family and friends.

2. Go On Your Own

It makes sense to celebrate with family and friends once you get engaged. But wait for the moment of including them in your joy. It’s really great to keep the moment of proposal intimate between just the two of you. When you include a big group in the photos, the group forgets that you’ve spent days and months planning for the moment and gets excited and starts jumping in the photo, messing it up all. Instead, you better surprise her following the moment of proposal. Even sometimes you can give a double surprise first with the proposal and second by disclosing that your family and friends are present there.

3. Kneel Down

This may appear obvious but it should be mentioned necessarily as you don’t want to skip the step if you want your proposal photographed professionally. Some guys nowadays skip this step and propose just in a normal standing position. But this type of position can’t reveal that you are proposing. A leading Nashville wedding photographer, Amber advises to stay on your knee as long as you can. The moment of a proposal doesn’t come every day and it’s romantic and classic to propose while kneeling down by submitting yourself to your love.

4. Be Creative

You can use your creativity to get amazing photos without needing to hide your photographer somewhere in the background. You can even tell your girlfriend that you’ve booked a photographer and spend a couple of hours together and she won’t even realize that the moment is being photographed right in front of her. Or you can hide your photographer in plain site where s/he can look like a tourist carrying a big camera.

Use these tips to immortalize the golden moment in your life and you will thank yourself!