4 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You to Know

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 in Misc Wedding Articles |

just-marriedYour wedding pics are something you’ll hold dear for years (and decades) to come, I’m sure you already know that. Therefore, it’s important to look great on your big day and to hire a wedding photographer who will be able to capture all the lovely moments of your wedding. We’ve asked an incredible Wollongong wedding photographer to offer some tips to future brides. Here are several things wedding photographers want their clients to know.

#1 It’s your own wedding and it’s all about you; don’t hesitate to do whatever you want to do. There are some rules, but nobody says you cannot break them. If, for example, you want to be dressed all in black, do it. You and your future spouse are important, the others are there to support you.

#2 It takes time to shoot good photos. It’s crucial to allocate enough time to get photos, especially if nice locations are not very close to your venue. Sometimes, the best places to take photos are across town and it’s worth going back and forth to make your wedding photo album even more special. However, keep in mind you need a reasonable amount of time for that.

#3 Your photographer needs some info on your family. By this, I mean your wedding photographers should get the list of family formal portraits, but you could let them know about any family issue which might occur. To avoid unpleasant moments, your photographer should know about divorces/deaths/relationships in your family. Although most wedding photographers do ask for this information, if they don’t, be ready to provide it prior your big day.

#4 Family photo lists are recommended, but ditch the other lists. Be careful when hiring a photographer and choose the one whose work you really admire. But, it’s a bad idea to them shot lists and you want them to stick to them. Every professional photographer requires freedom to be creative and shoot mesmerizing photos. Every couple, every location and every moment are different and a talented wedding photographer will know how to capture them. If they get a list of shots, they’ll miss those lovely, spontaneous moments while checking whether they’ve ticked off all the items their client has asked of them.