5 Awesome Relationship Tips

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One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for lovingWhy relationships develop, go on or break seems to have no obvious reasons. But there are! And there are certainly some rules following which we can expect to have a long-lasting relationship. Sometimes a lovely greeting card with short cute love quotes for her from him from the heart work well and sometimes it’s just one harsh word that ends it all. Here are five relationship tips to lead a healthy life with your partner for long.

1. Myth Match

One of the greatest myths about one’s soulmate is she or he should be your perfect match. In fact, a good relationship refers to navigating the lots of differences between you two, over anything from food, politics and money to how to raise kids. Actually, differences make life more tasteful and spicy, because you start seeing the world in an all new perspective given to you by your partner. Enjoy it and try to understand things in this different view, instead of making your partner’s views fit yours.

cute love quotes for her by Roy Croft-I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you

2. Learn to Forgive Mistakes

This doesn’t mean that your partner will go on making some serious mistakes and you should go on forgiving. This is about changing your view if you expect others to be perfect. You should learn to understand that everyone cannot be perfect and even you are not. While you think that your partner is wrong, s/he may have a different thing to say.

3. Discuss and Not Humiliate

If something goes wrong between you and your partner, open up and discuss with her/him; humiliating, taunting or ridiculing is neither the right way nor good for your relationship. It won’t help solve the problem, but you two will have more bitter feelings about each other. If you talk honestly with each other, that will solve most of the problems. If you see that your partner is egoistic and is not ready to say “sorry”, point it out softly and convince her/him that it is not good for her/his overall character and life.

short-cute-love-quotes-by-Paulo-CoelhoOne is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving

4. Shake Hands with In-laws

How so ever you hate your in-laws, your partner loves them! So, if you can at least “show” friendship towards them, that will give a mental satisfaction to your partner. You need not over-love them or show overly concern, up to an extent that it may look bogus. But just be normal and behave in a mannerly way! Who knows, the most sympathetic amongst them can become your best friend and, actually your defender!

5. Stop Spying

If you are spying over your partner’s emails, phone messages or online history, stop at once. If at all, your partner is not honest with you, you need not collect evidence – you just need communication. If there is suspicion, it should be healed as soon as possible.