9 Simple Tips to Have a Fun Bachelorette Party

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Bachelorette Party

Perhaps even more exciting for the bride than the big day itself is the bachelorette party! And why not! It’s her last chance to enjoy with her girlfriends without the responsibilities, duties, and thereby stress and worries of married life. As such, throwing a bachelorette party may sound simple and fun. Of course, it’s fun. However, you may easily forget some essential items for the bash. Hence it’s a good idea to take a look at them one-by-one.

1. Don’t Forget to Buy a Lot of Gifts for the Bride

Now it’s all about the would-be bride; so, before you get carried away and forget, pack the fun bachelorette underwear for the bride and a lot of other gifts. Make sure you bring a bag and a few tissues to get it wrapped and all ready for her when she steps in. Add fun with some other small gifts such as a veil and sash.

bachelorette underwear for the bride

2. Find the Best Restaurants and Bars, and Make a List of Them

The last thing you’d want on the day of the bachelorette bash is to wonder what to do. Plan ahead and find the best restaurants, bars and pubs in your area. There are high possibilities that your plans won’t work out and you might be left in a fix because of the restaurant you visit being overcrowded, incredibly high prices, private events going on there or just a mood swing. To avoid such a situation, a little research beforehand is advisable. Keep a list of all places at hand where you can eat and drink, besides the places you’ve already booked. Don’t forget to inquire when they open and close, and if they have any special offers and when. Having such a solid plan B, you can keep party going and have an unending fun!

3. Create Several Playlists

You’ll surely make a playlist. But it’s recommended to make many. This way, you’ll have options and you’ll be able to read the room and choose just the right playlist that suits the bride’s mood. For example, you can create a fun throwback playlist for the idle times while you eat, play games, decorate and hang out. While on a drive or flight, create a chill playlist and send them to the girls on phone so as to let them listen to it on the way. You can also create a third pre-gaming playlist that will surely excite everyone for the party!

4. Make Sure Your Pictures are Perfect with a Phone Tripod

If you want to avoid the regret of capturing not-so-perfect pictures of all the fun you had in the party, it’s a good idea to bring a tripod to place your camera on it and capture non-shaky quality pictures. Surely someone of you may have a tripod for a Polaroid camera; but phone tripods are also available with the help of which your phone can capture amazing pictures.

Bachelorette Party pictures

5. Create a Communication Tool

Everyone attending the trip should be able to be in touch with each other. For this, you should create some sort of communication tool, e.g. a What’s App group. This way, everyone can send messages on the common platform to let everyone know what’s happening and what’s essential. It’s also a great tool to let everyone access the group photos. You can even form a photo sharing album and invite all to add to it before leaving for the trip. These will be great memories for the bride.

6. Keep Downtime Games Ready

You’re bound to get stuck with at least a little downtime, no matter how perfect your planning is. You may have to wait at a restaurant or for the Uber to arrive. You can fill these gaps beautifully with party games. Keep such games at hand so as to let boredom not set in and never miss the fun – there are so many of them online!

7. Don’t Forget Party Essentials

Since your mind is full of the bachelorette party fun, you may not forget your bucket of booze; but you may forget some essentials like bottle openers and party cups. If you’re going to have your bash at a hotel or AirBNB, you’ve got to pack these party essentials that the hotel or airBNB might not provide. So, don’t forget essentials like fun party cups, straws, ice and mixers!

Also don’t forget scissors, tapes, strings and other tools you’ll need to hang your decoration at the venue. This will save you from the hassle of running back to the store after arriving at the party.

Bachelorette Party drinks

8. Send Out Reminders Well Ahead of Time

Your group communication tool will play a key role in sharing essential information such as departure and arrival dates and times, address of the hotel or airBNB, parking details, itinerary, must-have packing items and so on. Make sure you share all this information and send reminders well ahead of time. You can add fun to all the process by sharing the itinerary and other important details with a lovely bachelorette party invitation that complements your theme.

9. Don’t Forget a Hangover Cure Kit

When you’re out for fun, hangover is bound to set in and it’s bound to ruin your bach bash! It’s a good idea to be ready for such scenarios with some hangover cures that can let everyone return to the enjoyment just in time. Some of these are Gatorade, Tylenol, Advil, water bottles, crackers and makeup remover wipes.

Follow these simple tips to let yourself enjoy to the fullest! Happy partying!