Ashoka Diamonds – History

Posted by on Jun 8, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

ashoka diamonds“What is an Ashoka diamond cut?” That question was asked by so many people all around the world when Reese Witherspoon got engaged. Jim Toth, her agent, presented Reese with a 4-carat custom designed Ashoka cut diamond. So, what are Ashoka diamonds, exactly?

Ashoka cut is created by jewelers William Goldberg, based on and inspired by the famous diamond from the 3rd century. This cut is named after Ashoka Maurya, one of the greatest emperors of India. The original Ashoka diamond is D flawless and 41.37 carat diamond known and legendary for its unique cut, size and beauty. If you want a modern Ashoka cut diamond, the cut is patented and available only through jewelers William Goldberg and their partners.

Essentially, Ashoka-cut is a cushion-cut, but modified version, with rounded corners and a rectangular shape. It has 62 facets which help Ashoka-cut stones to appear larger than they are. Because of the patent requirements, rough and extra long stones are needed. These stones are rare and therefore if you choose this diamond cut for your engagement ring, you can be absolutely sure that it will be special and unusual. Especially for those couples looking for a vintage style rings, Ashoka-cut might be the best solution.

Due to the exceptional beauty and unique cut, original Ashoka diamond has passed through the hands of countless known and unknown buyers through the years. It symbolizes harmony and love, therefore Ashoka-cut diamond engagement rings are wonderful choice for making someone says “I love you!” with all their heart.