Become a Wedding Minister Online – Things to Consider

Posted by on Aug 3, 2015 in Misc Wedding Articles |

become a minister 1Nowadays, it’s so easy to get ordained online; you only need to sign up for and account and pay a small fee. When you become an ordained minister, you can officiate important ceremonies, such as weddings and funerals. However, before you become a wedding minister, make sure you checked the laws in your county, since some states do not legally recognize online ordinations. Here are things you should take into consideration prior to signing up online ordination request form.

universal one churchIf you’re considering getting ordained to perform weddings, find out whether you could legally be a minister in your county. While some states only consider a minister if they have a congregation, others do recognize online ordinations as legal. Therefore, looking up your state’s laws for more information or calling a county clerk is very important if you want to become a wedding minister. You’ll find out that some states require minister licensing and that the legality of online ordination has been the subject of recent court cases in several states. For example, Universal One Church has never had a marriage annulled because of legitimacy of online ordination, but it’s not the case with all other churches. Nevertheless, laws regarding this issue have been constantly evolving; therefore you need to have up-to-the-date information whether you can legally perform a ceremony where you live. Also, keep in mind that organizations such as hospitals and prisons have the right to refuse recognition to certain ministers, no matter how legal they may be.

When you become a wedding minister, your religious standing may be impacted. In case you are not a member of any church, you shouldn’t worry about that. If, however, you are a member of a church, your standing might be affected by getting ordained online. Sometimes, you could even get excommunicated. For example, LDC Church and Catholic Church usually consider becoming a minister in another religion apostasy, which leads to immediate excommunication. Ask your local clergy about the consequences before you sign up the ordination request form.

become a minister 2Ask yourself twice if you truly wish to become a wedding minister before getting ordained online. Some people feel they have been called to serve as ministers. If you are among them, you might find it more fulfilling to get ordained traditionally, rather than online. The vast majority of “online” ministers perform the services only for their friends and family members. In that case, getting ordained online might be the best and the easiest solution. However, if you want to become a minister on full time basis, attending a seminary program might be the better way to prepare yourself for your future call. In any case, it’s crucial to find organization that suits your beliefs and needs, so make sure you’ve found an online ministry you can see yourself joining. 

All in all, although it’s very easy and convenient to become a wedding minister online (usually, churches require your full legal name, address, e-mail address and a small fee or no fee at all), make sure you know everything about the organization in question, as well as your future obligations and rights.