Become an Ordained Minister for Marrying Family and Friends

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become officiant in a friend's weddingDo you feel like becoming an ordained minister? You might want it for a religious reason or you might have been requested to officiate a wedding – in your family or of a friend. Whatever is the reason, ordination is an important undertaking that enables you to perform a special role for the people who know you. You can become a minister to marry a family member or friend 100% legal either traditionally or online.

Traditional Ordination

Traditionally, Christian ministers feel a powerful pull to turn into spiritual leaders. They are components of a specific Christian church or sect and believe that they are born to serve their people in the name of god. Services offered by ordained ministers are performing baptism, officiating nuptials and funerals, working as chaplains, giving spiritual counseling, founding new churches and working as missionaries.

College Degree: Traditionally ordained ministers get their licenses through seminary or bible schools, which is a graduate program. Similar to most graduate programs, entering theological programs needs a college degree.

Apply to Seminary or Bible School: Based on the program, you should take courses in philosophy, theology and other courses designed to offer preparation for a life dedicated to religious services. At the end of the program, a degree of Master of Divinity is awarded.

Receiving Your License: Upon completion of the degree program, you will be granted an ordained minister license. This makes you able to legally perform weddings and other services that come under the domain of ordained ministers.

Online Ordination

People of any religion and educational level can legally become ordained ministers. Most of the people have a particular purpose for becoming a minister, such as they might have got an invitation to become an officiant in a friend’s wedding.

Find a Reputed Organization: You have to find a good online organization to get ordained online. Universal One Church is such a reputed organization which is more than just an online website selling ministry credentials. They have ordained even an ex-President of the USA and many celebrities too.

Apply: Online ordination applications are mostly simple and short and normally free. You may have to submit information like your name, postal and email addresses, reason for pursuing ordination, etc.

Wait: The organization will review your application and if it is approved, you will receive an email. Some organizations send a handbook and an ordination certificate, while some others provide special packages with extra accessories and certificates.

Know the Laws of Your State

Get acquainted with the laws of your state, because laws can differ from state to state. In some states, you may be required to file a copy of your credentials, submit letters of approval or complete some other requirements.

Now that you have become an ordained minister, you can perform your friend’s or family member’s wedding, legally, and sign their marriage certificate to declare it valid.