Booking the Wedding Singer

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booking a wedding singerYou know that wedding entertainment will make your guests enjoy your big day, so you want to book the perfect wedding singer. Wedding music is the vital part of the entertainment and choosing a GOOD singer is important decision. How to succeed in this mission? There are so many wedding singers out there, so how to be sure who is the best entertainer for you?

1. Promotional Material. Well, don’t look for glossy large ads in magazines specialized in weddings. You will find none, because they cost thousands of dollars. If, however, you find vocalists advertising their business in some bridal magazine, watch out. The fee has to cover high marketing costs. So, on which promo material should you focus? Check out their website, do they own one, how many information you can get there etc. If there is a way to check out the performance or perhaps a live video to gauge the quality of a vocalist, you should get the picture. Of course, the best approach is to audition the entertainer live, but you usually don’t have the chance to do this.

2. First Impression. Yes, it might be a prejudice, but it’s usually a good indication. Once you start discussing your plans, you will soon find out whether this professional is interested in your offer.

3. Cost. If it’s too cheap or too expensive, watch out. Yes, it’s a tricky part, but you should pay a reasonable rate for a good professional wedding singer. It is a specialized field and having a beautiful voice is not enough to be good at it. So, get the best vocalist for you money if you want to avoid disappointment.

4. Get an Agreement and Quotes in Writing. Yes, you will chat about the costs over the phone, but you should get the agreement to outline the discussed items and give the payment details. Quotes should include the price, the arrival time, how long does it take to set up and check the sound, what is the length of performance and the finish time. The quotes should include the costs of musical equipment, too.

5. Check out testimonials. Reliable demos and videos are important, but be sure there are satisfied couples that would recommend that wedding singer.

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