Bridal Makeup – Useful Tips

Posted by on Sep 10, 2015 in Misc Wedding Articles |

Screen_Shot_20150905_at_104341While wedding dress is definitely vital, bridal makeup is equally important on your big day. Not only will everyone be looking at you, but your wedding photographs will last forever. I’m sure you would like to look gorgeous in snapshot and that’s why I asked a successful wedding makeup artist from Suffolk to share some bridal tips and tricks with us.

If you don’t want your face to appear too oily/shiny in the wedding photos,  it’s crucial to get your makeup done professionally. Although most brides-to-be know how to do their own makeup, professional and everyday makeups are very different. A professional makeup artists are able to perfectly apply the products to make you look photogenic and radiant in front of the camera; no Photoshop needed!

Always book a makeup trial – A makeup trial is very important first step because it helps you figure out what look you want and realize whether your makeup artist is on the same page with you.

Don’t try to look like someone else on your wedding day – Although your makeup has to stand out of the crowd on your big day, it’s not the time to experiment with makeup too much. If, for example, you don’t wear smoky eyes, don’t do that on your wedding day neither. The best strategy is to look like the best version of yourself. Hide some minor flaws (well, we all have them), accentuate your best features and make sure your groom is able to recognize you when you are walking down the aisle.

Screen_Shot_20150905_at_104355Go for waterproof formulas – On your big day, you’ll be dancing, crying, giving kisses and hugs, thus, you need your makeup to be waterproof. This is the only way to be certain your face won’t be slipping off while you’re joyfully dancing with your hubby.

Pack a touch-up kit – You want to look picture-perfectly for the whole (long) day and, although a good makeup artist will make your beauty lasts, it’s recommended to pack a touch-up kit. You won’t have a professional makeup artist on hand all day, therefore make sure you have all the products, so that you can do some minor corrections yourself.