Bridal Shower Gifts – Fresh Ideas

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Are you looking for bridal and wedding lingerie and gifts that the bride (and her future husband) will really go wild for?

bridal gownWe would like to present you some ideas that will surely heat up wedding couple’s nights!

If you’re interested in bridal shower gifts that are only for the bride (but will make her hubby happy, too), consider these ideas:

Wedding Lingerie

bridal robeEven if the bride has already chosen the lingerie that will be hidden under her fabulous wedding gown, every girl needs a few more sexy items. So, consider buying white or ivory silk nighties, satin garters and corsets. But, you don’t have to stick to the bridal and wedding lingerie, choose anything sexy that will heat up their honeymoon! For example, you can go for plush prints!

Dancing Lessons

If you want to get the bride and her husband-to-be moving together, think about buying them tango lessons for couples. If the groom is not really into dancing, what about buying her belly dancing lessons at a famous dance studio? It will make both of them happy!

Pre-Wedding Spa Treatment for a Bride

spa treatmentTreat a future bride to smooth and sensual skin with a nice and relaxing spa treatment, which can be completed with skin scrub, body wrap and bikini wax. Although brides do care about their physical appearance before their big day, they need some extra treatments as a way of stress relief. Planning and organizing a wedding can be quite difficult and our brides need some time for themselves, too.

However, if you’re looking for a gift that will spice up their first nights after the big day, you should opt for things they both will be able to enjoy:

A Weekend Getaway

spa for twoIs there a romantic town somewhere nearby their place? After their big day, before or after their honeymoon, they might need some extra time for themselves, right? If your budget cannot afford that, what about a one-night stay at a nearby hotel? The newlyweds will feel like tourists in their own town which isn’t bad at all!

Decadent Dining

A gift certificate for a dinner-for-two at a romantic restaurant is always welcome. Think about their taste in food and go for a fancy restaurant offering soft and sensual dishes!

Massage for Two

A massage for couples at a spa will surely help the newlyweds to relax after exhausting wedding preparations. In addition, you can purchase an assortment of scented massage oils and creams, which will let them enjoy in a massage without even leaving their bedroom. Wooden massage accessories and a book about certain massage technique is a plus!

Sensual Scents

spa gift basketA basket full of soaps, bubble bath, lotions, shampoos, conditioners and various home fragrances is something to seduce the senses. Lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, cinnamon and vanilla are some of the sexiest scents. If, however, you’re not certain about their fragrance-taste, opt for something more neutral, yet enchanting.

Turn Their Bedroom into a Bordello

I’m not suggesting extreme changes of their love nest, but a few redecorating tricks to make their bedroom different and more sexy! Satin or silk sheets, a pile of velvet pillows and a lovely lamp will rev up their bedroom in a really sexy way!

The Little Box of Treats

Love and food go hand in hand and you shouldn’t ignore it! Consider giving fortune cookies (with erotic messages), edible body paint and underwear. Yummy!