Celebrity Themed Weddings Exposed

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celebrity themed weddingWhen celebrities get married there’s always a steady stream of weddings that steal the same ideas. Throughout 2013, these five themes in were hugely popular throughout the world due to highly publicized ceremonies that inspired the general public.

Game of Thrones

When multi billionaire Sean Parker married Alexandria Lenas, they spent in excess of ten million dollars on the event. Inspired by the HBO series Game of Thrones, the couple hired famed Lord of the Rings costume designer to create over 300 costumes for their guests, costing upwards of four and a half million dollars. Set designers constructed a stone castle, Celtic cross and Roman columns specifically for the ceremony, which was conducted outdoors in an enchanted forest setting.

English Romance

Although the royal wedding took place during April 2011, the dreamy English romance theme is still as popular as ever. Due to the popularity of television show Downton Abbey, this theme shows no signs of dying out. Traditional features include Cornish game hen and quail on the menu; lavish dresses with veils and long sleeves; flower themed centrepieces and plenty of fancy linens. Outdoor settings are commonly associated with the English romance theme and getting married in forests or gardens is quickly becoming the norm.

english romance

Natalie Portman, Kate Winslet and Carey Muligan all enjoyed bohothemed weddings in 2012, which paved the way for a surge in 2013. The boho theme utilizes the country cottage ideals with bohemian mismatched décor, outdoor dining and distressed chic style furniture. Although the boho theme has been popular for decades, celebrities always seem to re-spawn interest whenever it starts to wean.


When television star Aaron Paul met Lauren Parsekian, they were at a carnival and shared their first kiss on a Ferris wheel. During their wedding ceremony he wanted to replicate that special night. Their 1920’s carnival themed wedding contained rides, a photo booth, and even a performance by illusionist David Blaine. Paul’s wedding has received widespread attention, helped by the season finale of the hugely successful Breaking Bad.

Underwater Wedding

The strangest celebrity wedding of the year was without a doubt Kat Von D and Joel Zimmerman’s underwater themed wedding. The venue was decorated with lovecraftian designs that were based on the famous short story, Call of Cuthulu. Zimmerman dressed as the famed beast and wore a suit that spawned tentacles and wings. The ceremony had performers dressed as mermaids, people wearing octopus outfits, and all of the food came fresh from the ocean.

2013 has certainly been an interesting time for weddings and many of the old traditional themes have found their way back into the mainstream. One of the most intriguing aspects of the recent trends is how much they are influenced by mainstream television. With a new season of The Waking Dead and the production of a new Star Wards movie, perhaps in a few years, it won’t be uncommon to see the zombiesor storm troopers walking down the aisle.

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