Choose Wedding Gifts that Your Recipients will Love

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something blue bride charmJust like holidays, a wedding too is an occasion of gifts! The bride and the groom get gifts from each other as well as from their parents, siblings, friends and other guests. But even these people get gifts. But many times it happens that these gifts are not to the liking of the recipient and they go to the backside of the bottom drawer of a shelf and never see the light of the day thenceforth. If you don’t want it to happen to your gifts, whether you are a bride, a groom or a wedding guest, take a look at Boutique To You Personalised Wedding Gifts, and you will fall in love with them. Here are some of them.

Blue Wedding Keepsakes

I loved these keepsakes the most! Why? The charming blue line contains all jewellery pieces! Just take a look at these amazing bracelets, earrings and pendants, and you too will be fascinated. The combination of silver and blue is always enchanting. Plus you can choose between different shades like blue, light sapphire, aqua and sapphire. The craftsmanship is excellent and the shapes of heart, angels, horse shoes and butterflies are sure to flabbergast you. These are perfect gifts for the bride, but a bride can also give them to her bridesmaids and they will be enchanted.

something blue bracelet charm

something blue butterfly charm

guardian angel something blue


Hearts are perfect gift for the newlyweds, no matter they give it to each other or they receive it from a guest or the bride gifts one to herself!

This Mr & Mrs Lavender Heart is a delicate chic hanging heart, an ideal gift for the wedding couple. This is handmade with vintage fabrics, ribbons and lace and detailed with the Mr & Mrs decoration. The heart is softly scented using dried lavender. Even if you are a bride, you can gift yourself this amazing keepsake on your very special day and keep it hanging in your new home or in your bedding or closet to spread the pleasant fragrance.

Mr and Mrs Lavender Heart

This is another chic heart featuring a cute wedding couple painted on the wooden heart with natural embossed faces in wood and fully personalized color scheme. It can be personalized with the names and wedding date of the couple. You can also add a message of love, fun or congratulations on the backside.

Personalised ShabbyChic Bride and Groom Wedding First Christmas


This cute little bauble is indeed an ideal gift for bride and groom. It’s a handmade wooden bauble, created from thick wooden outer frame and a laser-cut hand-painted Bride-and-Groom inset in the centre. A jute string to hang it and grey gingham ribbon to adorn it matches perfectly too.

Personalised Bride and Groom in  Campervan Wooden Bauble

Chunky Glass Keepsake with Painted Owls

This beautiful gift is ideal for newlyweds. This is a chunky yet unique glass keepsake with a sweet and colorful picture of owls painted on it. It is available in two sizes and of course, can be personalised.

Personalised Owl Wedding Glass Keepsake

And there are many more! The containers provided with them are lovely too and make their appearance still lovelier. You can also gift them on the occasion of the first Christmas of a couple. All these gifts can be personalised with the names, wedding dates and other details of the recipients so that they would love it and your gifts will always adorn the important corners of your recipients’ homes and will never see the darkness of drawers.