Choosing Locations for Pre-Wedding Photos

Posted by on Nov 18, 2014 in Misc Wedding Articles |

moore and mooreEngagement period can be such a fun part of our lives! Although planning a big day can be quite daunting, still it’s exciting and joyful experience. Brides-to-be spend their time looking for the perfect wedding gown and the most romantic venue, music, theme… Finding the right wedding photographer is also an important part of managing wedding. To make sure they chose the best photographer(s) for their wedding photo album, more and more couples decide to have pre-wedding or engagement photos. This is the right way to find out whether it’s easy for you to communicate with your photographer and you can get a few tips on how to pose, too. We have talked to professional photographers from Moore & Moore Wedding Photography to get some useful tips on finding unique locations for pre-wedding photos. Here’s what we have learned!

If you cannot select shooting locations by yourself, talk to your photographers. Although they do like to shoot in new areas, professional photographers still prefer some location to others. Talk about you as a couple and your photographer will soon get the idea for your engagement album.

Go outside, because there is something so fitting to see a loving couple surrounded by beautiful nature. Of course, think about location that has meaning for you. If you have met at disco club and both of you are night owls, taking a pre-wedding photos in the countryside might not be for you. On the other hand, if you love lilac colors and it’s summertime, lavender fields will be a stunning background in your lovely pre-wedding photos. Or, if you are a bit of a snowbird, don’t wait for sunny days, but take the advantage of the clean white scenery and you’ll get pretty dreamy images! River, lake, sea, forest – let the season help you choose and decorate the perfect photo locations. Nevertheless, if you just love urban areas, concrete walls and magnificent architecture, stick to it. After all, it’s your photo album and it has to be personal and unique. Check out a local art district for some unique and colorful backdrops.

The last (but not the least) tip – think about taking beautiful and emotional pics at your own home sweet home. You’ll get very romantic images.