Decolletage Matters – Matching the Gown with Jewelry

Posted by on Jul 27, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |


As we all know, the perfect wedding gown and the perfect bridal jewelry are nothing – unless you pair them properly. When it comes to necklaces, they have to match your whole outfit, but the most important part is to match them with the neckline style of the bridal gown. If you do it properly, the adornment will add character to your bridal gown and it can even highlight a unique feature. *Check out Miche Jewelry, Interchangeable Jewelry Collection for the best pieces of jewelry to add to your bridal look.

Strapless or sweetheart neckline style: If your gown is a little bit vintage, try making a contrast with more modern bridal jewelry. If you want to look a little bit different and unique, you could focus on some lovely chandelier earrings instead wearing the necklace. If you want to achieve a sleek look, clear crystal would be great idea, but you can add a little bit of color for punching it up. If you use your birthstone or other meaningful gems, the hint of color can really work well. If you want to avoid wedding “white” monotony, picking a color from your bridal bouquet flowers will do the trick. If you want to achieve fresh, flirty look, including a few small silk or fresh flowers in your hairstyle will do the magic by adding an organic, soft feel. For vintage look, Art Deco-style bracelet might be the perfect match.

V-neckline style: If your wedding dress has V-neck then you must have some great décolletage decoration. You don’t have to overdo this. Even the thin golden chain with some lovely pendant will look elegant, single-stranded pearls will look feminine, gentle and charming. But, if you are wild and want to add some decadency to your bridal image, the perfect combo could be earrings and matching crystal choker.

(Reverse) Halter Neckline style: If you opt for this neckline style, go for loose ponytail or a sleek bun hairstyle. Headbands can also add panache to your bridal up do, if they are your cup of tea. If not, sparkling crystal hairpins will look magical. If you are curly girl or you will be at the big event, 5 to 7 hairpins are what you need. Girls with shorter or thinner locks need only 2 or 3 pins.