Edible Arrangements

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fruit bouquetWhat would your reaction be if you happen to receive a very attractive and beautifully arranged bouquet of fresh fruits instead of flowers? Most of you would probably feel happy and inspired by the uniqueness and creativity of it. Of course, it is not every day that you get to receive a bouquet of fresh fruits, right? Edible Arrangements have been spreading happiness and creativity to all of their customers for more than 10 years now and more and more people are beginning to love their love of fresh fruits, fruit bouquets and of course their famous chocolate dipped fruits.

1999 was the year to remember for the owners of Edible Arrangements. This was the same year that the first Edible Arrangements store was opened in Connecticut. In 2001, their first franchise was opened in Massachusetts and Canada got their first Edible Arrangements franchise in 2003. 2009 marked the introduction of “Frutation” where juices, fruit smoothies, and salads can be bought in a grab and go manner. This will be soon called “Edible to Go” and the rest was history.

When creativity and food mix together, it magically brings happiness in the faces of people. Not only are you fed through your eyes, you are fed through your stomach, too! Their mouth-watering fruit bouquets and chocolate dipped fruits will definitely leave you with awe. It’s amazing how they can come up with so many designs and concepts. They offer bouquets and chocolate dipped fruits in various occasion types like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, wedding etc. Name the event and they will come up with a great arrangement for you.

If you happen to feel like Edible Arrangements would be the perfect gift for your special someone, keep in thought that these mouth-watering fruit bouquets are quite expensive. With great creativity and imagination like that, you will have to expect the price will compensate. But, don’t you worry, that is why Edible Arrangements coupons are made available for their valued customers.

Edible Arrangements Coupon – Get Your Fruit Bouquet Now!

fruit bouquet2Want to give a friend an Edible Arrangement gift but on a tight budget? Don’t worry! There are various ways that you can have Edible Arrangements discounts easily and without going through too much hassle. Most companies and brands offer coupon codes for the purpose of attracting more customers and a way to market their brand and products, so does Edible Arrangements, too! Various ways of having these discounts are collecting Edible Arrangements coupon codes, Edible Arrangements discount codes, and Edible Arrangements promo codes. These Edible Arrangements deals and/or printable coupons can be collected and used for special events when you want to gift a healthy fruit bouquet to your loved ones.

The good things about Edible Arrangements do not only include a generous offering of Edible Arrangements promo code, a healthy and sweet option as well as a unique and creative gift. They also support causes like Breast Cancer Foundation. They give out 10% of the sales to help women with breast cancer.

Giving someone that perfect fresh fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements will not have to be that troublesome with Edible Arrangement discount. You do not only consume healthy foods, but you will also be able to help with their cause.