Enhancing Your Feminine Beauty on Your Big Day

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Every girl dreams of her big day – about a romantic wedding venue, the altar, the aisle, flowers, exchange of vows, wedding dance, toasting flutes, and what not! But what she is most excited about is her wedding gown and how she looks on the special day. She envisions more than a hundred times how she would walk down the aisle in her gorgeous bridal dress and how every guest would be stunned by her beauty. But if she is dreaming of a strapless dress, there can be one major problem which she hardly might consider against all the other dazzling dreams – a perfect strapless bra!

If you are planning to wear a strapless wedding gown, you primarily have to consider that you would need a bra which will hold you up, stay up and offer you that fullness and cleavage that will highlight your feminine beauty.

If you have started worrying with a thought that it is hard to get such a perfect bra, stop worrying. There is indeed such a bra – the UpBra.

The Upbra is the first adjustable cleavage enhancing lift-up bra. You can set the degree of lift and cleavage exactly how you want with any outfit. And it stays up strapless. Really! It is a convertible bra too. Perfect for wedding dresses and other formal-wear.


The “Super Stay Up” UpBra features a special silicone formulation in its cups and on its wings. This keeps you up while you wear strapless. So, henceforth you need not worry about looking awkward or being embarrassed because of having to push the bra up in public.

UpBra stays up all through the day. The bra can be worn like any other regular bra. It can be converted to a strapped bra with the straps you get along with it. It can be worn in more than 32 ways. It has patented active lift cleavage enhancer together with special molded cups and breathable soft fabric.

There are two types in the UpBra bras – Super-Stay-Up and Convertible.

All UpBra bras are convertible, but Convertible UpBra is a standard everyday lift bra. It has silicone only in its cups and not on the wings. It can be worn comfortably all through the day.

Super-Stay-Up UpBra is made for special occasions when you need a powerful strapless bra which will never fall down. It has specially formulated silicone grip to keep you up, even while wearing strapless. Though this version can be worn all through the day comfortably, in case of sensitive skin it is not recommended.

UpBra bras make you feel secure all the time. Though you might be planning to wear it for your big day beneath your ravishing strapless gown, you can wear it under any formal and casual outfit.


The UpBra is set to launch in summer 2014, but if you place a pre-order you will be shipped your size as soon as it is in stock – even before the launch! By pre-ordering you can avail of a special VIP program which means Very Important Presale program. As a token of appreciation for your early support you will be offered some extra special perks like being one of the first to wear an UpBra bra. What’s more, you will get a direct contact of one of UpBra designers or fitting specialists who will work with you to ensure that you have the best fit. Unless you get that perfect fitting, you can exchange your UpBra. Plus, there is no charge until the UpBra is shipped to you.

You should take advantage of this golden opportunity of availing the VIP program because it is limited only to 5,000 customers. So, grab it and look fabulous on your wedding day.