Fancy Color Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

colored gemstone wedding ring 6The fame of a diamond or other precious stone can be owed to their beauty, size or historical provenance, both legendary and factual. The owner of the diamond and his/her fame and virtue will make a diamond more or less famous. When buying an engagement ring, future grooms don’t think to much about the fame, but love. The ring has to make beloved woman to say “I will marry you!”, therefore it should present how much the groom cares and loves his future wife. As we all know, girls love diamonds, so a man cannot be wrong when buying a lovely piece of jewellery a diamond engagement ring certainly is. Even though the most common color of the diamond is white, why don’t try something beyond luxury and beyond precious, fancy color diamonds?

What are fancy color diamonds? These precious stones are among the most valuable diamonds available on the market, because only 1 in 10,000 diamonds occurs in true natural color. Traces of various elements in diamonds create color and these diamonds possess their own unique color variation. The green, red and argyle diamonds are among the rarest in nature. When buying these diamonds, you should inform about their grading and the intensity scale: from Faint graduation continues to Fancy Deep. Fancy Deep is the most intensive, then there are Fancy Dark, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Intense, Fancy, Fancy Light, Light, Very Light and the least intense, Faint. Richness in hue and the intensity are the most important characteristics of fancy diamonds for their evaluation. The richer in color, the more valuable diamond is. The other two factors, 2Cs are carat and clarity, the same as in colorless diamonds. The cut is also an important characteristic of fancy color diamonds, because when cutting them a special attention must be paid in order to complement and emphasize their lovely color. As in all other diamonds, the cutting of color diamonds has to be done properly in order to achieve the optimum briliance and sparkle of the stone.

What do we suggest? When choosing an engagement ring for your lovely wife-to-be, consider fancy color diamond engagement ring, because of their natural color, uniqueness and value.